Sunday, October 30, 2011

This Weekend: Costume, Phone in Yogurt, Letter to Myself and Inspired.


This weekend went by way too fast.  As does every weekend.  I had to work on Saturday (LAME) and that makes it feel like I didn't have a weekend.  Friday night, Ashley, Caitlyn and I went out to have some post birthday fun.  We went to California Pizza Kitchen and Yogurtland.  I don't know what was going on with me that night, but I was dropping everything.  Food.  My phone in frozen yogurt.   I think more of my food made it in my lap than it did my mouth.  Caitlyn was taking a picture at the exact moment my phone fell in my yogurt.  My poor phone.  We hit up Comedy Sports later that night (which was hilarious!).  

Saturday was pretty uneventful.  I won't even talk about it, because it was boring.  But I did find out that the Grey's Anatomy's I bought online were pirated copies.  I'm a crook!  I was trying to sell the at F.Y.E.  but apparently they don't buy pirated copies.  Weird.  I felt really dumb when the girl was telling me because I had no idea.  I should've known though.  6 season for the price of 1?  There's your sign.

Today I made my costume, lost it, and found it.  All in one day.  I am very excited about it.  Hopefully people will get it.  I'll post pictures later.

So apparently when I was in Young Women's I wrote a letter to myself.  My leaders were going to wait 10 years and then send them to us so we could see what we wrote.  Earlier this week my mom got a letter from myself.  It had only been 8 years, but it's weird to think that 8 years ago I was 16.

Wow.  I'm a dork.

It was funny reading what my 16 year old self had to say.  At this point in my life I was wanting to go into psychology and wanted to go to BYU.  Ha!  I hadn't gotten my drivers license yet (because my parents made me wait 6 freakin months before I could get it).  My favorite color was green.  My favorite band was Good Charlotte.

Oh how the times have changed.

Ok, my final thing.  Watch this video.  I'm not kidding, it may change your life.  And cause you to tear up.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fill in the Blank

1.   When I was a kid I wanted to be     lot's of things   when I grew up. It would depend on what phase I was going through.  After I saw Jurassic Park I wanted to be a paleontologist.  I also always wanted to be a teacher.  Look at that, I grew up to be what I wanted :)

2.   As an adult, my dream job would be   A photographer for National Geographic.  How cool of a job would that be?  

3.  W hen I was younger I wanted to be just like  my mom   .

4. The childhood Halloween costume that I remember most was when I was    Quail Man from Doug.  Does anyone remember that TV show?  I had the belt head band and underwear over my shorts. It rocked  .

5.  My favorite childhood toy was    this is actually a hard one because I don't remember.  The first thing that came to my mind was an art set I got for Christmas one year.  I always wanted art sets, and I remember getting a couple different ones.  One year when I got one, I had broken my right arm so I couldn't even use it.  Lame. 

6.  The time I got into the biggest amount of trouble when I was a kid was when I    . . . Good question.  I got in trouble, but I can't remember the time I got in BIG trouble.  I remember one time I couldn't go to my friends birthday party ( I don't remember what I did) and I called her balling to tell her I couldn't go, lol.  The trauma's of 4th grade life  .

7.  I get daily inspiration from   things I see (on pinterest, in real life, etc)  .

Thursday, October 27, 2011

This Week

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

  • Me.
  • Deer Creek.
  • Doing my laundry.  I was trying different perspectives.  This is from inside the washer.  Don't worry, I made sure it was dry before I stuck my camera in there.
  • My sister made me the best cake for my birthday.  She made it the day before, and it was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting complete with chocolate shavings on top.  I call it Death by Chocolate.
  • For my birthday, I went to dinner with Amberly and this was my fortune.  I like!
  • Nyquil and Harry Potter.  Enough said.
  • My mom got me these really cool letters (that spell out LOVE) and they have rolled magazine paper on them.  It's kinda hard to explain, but hopefully you can tell in the picture.  They are so cool!

Perfect October

Each season has a sound, don't you think?  I do.  These are my fall songs:

Junk of the Heart (Happy) - The Kooks
Be My Thrill - The Weepies
I've Got You Under My Skin - Frank Sinatra
Wetsuit - The Vaccines
I Do Not Hook Up - Kelly Clarkson
Blackbird - The Beatles
How'd You Like That - The Kooks
Stand - R.E.M
Hold Me Tight - The Beatles
Red Red Rose - The Weepies
Norgaard - The Vaccines
It Won't Be Long - The Beatles
Viva La Vida - Weezer
Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron and Wine
Blow It Up - The Vaccines
Viva Las Vegas - Elvis Presley
Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo
Walk Away - Kelly Clarkson
Salute Your Solution - The Raconteurs
Sweetest Thing - U2
Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
Sometime Around Midnight - Airborne Toxic Event

I was going to be really nice and make a little playlist and put it on here so you could listen to the awesomeness, but the program I was using didn't have all the songs (lame), and I couldn't put it on incomplete.  I just couldn't.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cure for a Cold

Dear Sam,

For your birthday we will give you a cold/sinus infection.  Also, a huge zit on your cheek.
You're welcome.

Your Body

That's alright.  Although a cold means a pounding head, runny/stuffy nose, and a really annoying itch in my throat that won't go away, it also means hot baths, orange juice, and Harry Potter.

I could live without the pimple though.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Post Dedicated To: Myself.

When it's your birthday, you can dedicate posts to yourself.

Today is my birthday.  I have officially been on this earth for 24 years.  Weird.  Do you remember when you were a kid and you would imagine what life would be like when you were "old"?  I pictured I'd be all responsible and mature.  Ha.  I thought for sure I'd be married to a hot husband and have a baby by now.  I thought I'd be done with school.  None of those things have happened, but you know what, that's alright.  Life has turned out better than I could have imagined.  I am going to school for something that I know I will love (because I tried everything else in the process of getting there).  I have an amazing family who I love to hang out with (because we rock).  I have the best friends in the world (who rock).  So here's to 24 years of life.

My friend Ashley said that she was going to ask my what I've learned this past year because she's very reflective like that.  So, Ashley, here are 24 things I've learned (not necessarily in the past year):

1.  String cheese tastes better when you string it.  This is an important truth.
2.  Sometimes it's okay to not have all the answers.
3.  Your siblings really are your best friends.
4.  When Heavenly Father says no, it's because he has something better ahead.
5.  Who cares what people think (ok, still working on this one).
6.  A smile can change someones day.
7.  It's the little things
8.  I am happy when I am doing
9.  Mom's know a lot.
10.  Crying feels really good sometimes.
11.  I can't do everything, but that doesn't mean I can't do something.
12.  Heavenly Father answers my prayers.  All of them.
13.  Turning up my music full blast and singing at the top of my lungs is fun.
14.  Teaching a child something and seeing it click for them is the greatest accomplishment ever.
15.  If you're dating a guy and he doesn't make you laugh, like the laugh so hard your stomach hurts laugh, dump him.
16.  Books are amazing.
17.  It is always better to tell the truth.
18.  Climbing into a bed with freshly washed sheets is the best feeling ever.
19.  To laugh at myself.
20.  Mango's are freakin' amazing.
21.  Be nice to people and they are usually nice back.  If not, be nice anyways.
22.  Lyrics.  Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics.
23.  Whenever I am having a bad day, I can put in The Office, and I'll usually start laughing.
24.  It's okay to make mistakes.

Monday, October 24, 2011

We're Going on an Adventure

Saturday, my friend Jeff and I went on an adventure.  Not really an adventure, but that's what we call it.  We headed up the canyon and went to Sundance and Deer Creek.  We got some snacks for the adventure: Goldfish.  Flavor Blasted.  Great choice.

Later that night, Jeff, Ashley, and I watched a scary movie.  Has anyone seen Insidious?  It's pretty creepy. There are some cheesy parts, like when you see the creepy thing (if you watch it you'll know what I'm talking about) but overall, it's a pretty good scary movie.  Word or wisdom:  Don't watch a scary movie in your room and then have your friends leave and try to sleep in the same room you watched the scary movie in.  You will see creepy guys with red faces in the corner of your room.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sands Family Quote Wall

My family is pretty funny.  We think so, at least.  We have a family quote wall, and if you make the wall you are a legit family member.  We have a few outsiders that have made the wall, but they are few and far between.  It's a pretty exclusive wall.  Anyways, I thought I would share some of the quotes we have on there.  Hopefully you'll find us as funny as we think we are.

Melissa:  They got mad at me because I didn't lie to their children about Santa Claus.

Dad:  I love her and everything, but I'm ready to see her go
Mom:  Hunny, they could be saying that about us one day.

Mom:  It said to put your name in the upper left hand corner of the paper.  Why did you put it in the right?
Isaac:  I can't write with my left hand.

Sam:  Aubrey, do you know what lonely means?
Aubrey:  Yes, it is when I'm in the car and no one is driving.

Alli:  Let's go to Wal Mart and see if it's there, and if it is we'll admire it and then come home.

Ashley: If you lose it I'll shove this licorice up your butt.
Indy:  It's called a licroscopy.

Sam:  Did you talk to Braelin today?
Aubrey:  Yes.
Sam: What'd you say?
Aubrey: I asked him to marry me.
Sam: What'd he say to that?
Aubrey:  He said he'd think about it.

Ashley:  It's not gonna happen in one day.  Give up.

Mom:  Ok what is wrong with my computer?
Ashley and Alli together:  Did you turn it on?

Ashley:  It is single awareness day.  Samantha, are you aware that you are single?

Sam:  Why did you do it then?
Briar:  I was trying to be like Jesus.

Briar:  One time I had a dream about Scott Henderson.  Pretty sure I was making out with my pillow because it felt real.

Indy to Sam:  Are you mad?
Sam:  Do I look mad?
Indy:  Yes
Sam:  Is Melissa mad?
Indy:  Yeah, I think she's mad.
Sam:  Are you mad?
Indy:  No, I'm not mad.  I'm scared, but I'm not mad.

On Thanksgiving day, right after dinner:
Mom: We should play a Wii activity game!
Dad:  Like Wii vomit?

Dad and Alli on the phone:
Alli:  Dad, ask that guy if he'll take me to your work party.  Tell him I'm cute!"
Silence as dad answers . . .
Alli:  Yes I'll be nice!

Mom:  Ok, we're not doing Christmas this year.
Ashley:  Awww, I already said I was attending on Facebook.

Indy:  You're breaking my clavicle.
Sam:  You don't have a clavicle.
Indy:  Why?  Because I'm not a girl?

Aubrey is running around, acting like a horse.
Alli:  If she was a horse, she'd be a mustang.
Sam:  If she was a horse, she'd be glue.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

25 Ways

I saw this here and was pretty excited about it.  Who knew there were so many ways to tie a scarf?  I didn't.  You might end up in front of the mirror trying out different scarf tying techniques if you watch this.  That's what happened to me.

Friday, October 21, 2011

This Week

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

  • Went to the mall with Amberly.  Where I did not buy anything. Go me.
  • At the RR tracks in Provo.
  • Driving through the canyon with my family.
  • Candy corn.  Obviously.
  • My roommate got me flowers because I cleaned the kitchen for her.  
  • The bike takes up my whole porch.  Well, not really, but if it wasn't there anymore I wouldn't mind.
  • Love the sunlight on this tree.

A Home of It's Own

I don't want to do my homework so I am procrastablogging.  Do you like that word?  I just made it up right now.  Procrastablogging is always a lot more fun than homework.  But I do have a good reason to blog.  I ordered the freakin' cutest laptop case and it finally came yesterday.  It's so cute that it needs to be shared.

I am in love with it.  I may start taking my computer random places now, just so I can put it in it's case.

Fill in the Blank

1.   Nothing says fall like     crunchy leaves on the ground and the crisp feeling in the air (that sounds really cheesy, ha!)  .

2.   My favorite autumnal tradition is  celebrating my birthday :)    .

3.  My favorite fall treat is   caramel apples  .

4. Fall makes me think of    Charlie Brown    because   I always think of the one where they dress up for Halloween and the poor kid has the sheet full of holes for the eyes and he keeps getting rocks instead of candy.  That kid probably had serious issues when he grew up. 

5.  Autumn free form word association, go!   cool, colorful, leaves, pumpkins, birthday, best season ever!

6.  My go-to outfit in the fall is     a scarf, shirt, cardigan, jeans, and boots  .

7.  My favorite fall holiday is (Halloween or Thanksgiving)    Thanksgiving.  I like Halloween because it's a fun holiday, but Thanksgiving is a the gateway holiday to Christmas.  It's a good reminder holiday of what's important and what I'm thankful for.  Plus the food is really good .

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Birthday Surprise?

Apparently the cigarette industry isn't doing so hot because I keep getting mail from Marlboro.  I didn't know cigarette companies sent out mail.  They even send birthday presents.  Today I got a bottle opener for my birthday.  They shouldn't have?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Promoting Phonemic Awareness

Do you know what phonemic awareness is?  If I wasn't in my Literacy Methods class I wouldn't either, so don't worry.  I think I should get extra credit for my title.  I saw a few people doing this little alphabet thing and I thought it looked fun, so I joined in the fad.  Apparently I'm a follower.

Age: 23.  (But not for long)

Bed size: Full.  So much nicer than the twins I've been sleeping in.

Chores that you hate: All of them.  But especially dishes.

Dogs:  Not right now.  Well my family has two, but I want to get a weiner dog and name it Weezer.  It will be awesome.

Essential to start your day: Going to the bathroom.  Best to start the day on an empty bladder.

Favorite colorBrown.  Turquoise.  Mustard Yellow.  Grey.

Gold or silver: Silver.

Height: 5'5" ish.  I swear I used to be 5'6" but I may be shrinking.

Instruments you play: When I was younger I took piano lessons.  I wish I would have kept it up because I could be Mozart right now.  Okay, not really.

Job title: Education consultant. HA! That sounds all fancy, but believe me it's not.

Kids: Negative.  

Live: In Utah.

Mothers name: Lynn Dee

Nicknames: Sam.  Shamansha.  Sanman.  

Overnight hospital stays: Nope.

Pet peeves:  Being late and retarded drivers.  These things test my patience. 

Quote from a movie or TV show:  "These mashed potatoes are so creamy" This is not my favorite, it was just the first one that came to my mind.  If you can name this movie you will be my best friend!

Right or lefty: Right!

Siblings:  Oldest of 8 and I wouldn't have it any other way.  5 sisters and 2 brothers and they all rock.

Time you wake up:  I'm up at 6:30 every morning.  Gross.  And because I've been waking up at that time for so long I can't sleep in anymore.

Underwear:  Yes.  I don't get what this means.

Vegetable you hate: Oh, this is easy.  PEAS!!!!

What makes you run late: Probably my alarm not going off.  I'm not late a lot because my mom believed in arriving everywhere an hour early and this is apparently genetic because I am that way too.

X-rays you've had: Arm and ankle.

Yummy food you make: I can make a pretty mean lasagna if I do say so myself.  

Zoo animal: Elephants.

My roommate went out of state this weekend and it was cleaning checks.  I told her I would clean her part of the kitchen since I was doing the other half anyways, so it wasn't a big deal at all.  Today I open my bedroom door and she had got me flowers and a thank you note.  So sweet, huh?  It made my day.

Also, random thought of the day:  Did you know that if you eat popcorn unpopped it has more calories than if you eat it popped?  I looked at the box and if I eat it unpopped it's 170 calories, but popped is 35.  Does that makes sense to anyone else?  Does popping corn make calories magically disappear?  One of life's mysteries, I guess. . .

Monday, October 17, 2011


I love the fall.  I know I have said this a m i l l i o n times but it is truth.  Sunday we (me and my family) drove up the canyon to check out the foliage.  It was beautiful.  I was originally the one driving, but I was going crazy not being able to take pictures so me and Alli had to do a Chinese fire drill so I wasn't driving.  Much safer.

For my birthday I want fall to stay year round.  I don't think that's too much to ask.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Assistant (to the) Photographer

Saturday Ashley was doing a photo shoot and invited me to come along and assist her.  I was assistant (to the) photographer, ha!  It was a lot of fun and good practice.  The people we were taking pictures of were always looking at Ashley, but I got some pretty cute candid ones.  I also took some of Ashley while we were waiting because when you have a camera and extra time, that's what you do.

The couple that we were taking pictures of got engaged during the shoot.  That was a lot of fun, and Ashley captured some really cute moments of that.  Check out her blog.

That night, my sister, my mom, and I had a bubble gum blowing contest.  Yeah I suck at blowing bubbles.  Ashley is good though.  So is my mom.  Apparently I didn't get the bubblegum blowing gene.

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