Friday, October 21, 2011

A Home of It's Own

I don't want to do my homework so I am procrastablogging.  Do you like that word?  I just made it up right now.  Procrastablogging is always a lot more fun than homework.  But I do have a good reason to blog.  I ordered the freakin' cutest laptop case and it finally came yesterday.  It's so cute that it needs to be shared.

I am in love with it.  I may start taking my computer random places now, just so I can put it in it's case.


  1. totally jealous of that laptop case. extremely jealous. like i covet it jealous.

  2. The cutest laptop case I've seen in a while!! Love it!

    xo, gina

  3. Procrastablogging is genius. You're a genius. Love, love it. And where did you order that case from? So cute!

    -krissy jane

  4. Oooh it's so cute! Where did you order it? Hih, and yes I SO agree with you about procrastablogging! Great word! :)

  5. i ordered it from urban outfitters. i love it! they had a few other designs too so if you need a lap top case ...

  6. Hah - I'm procrastablogging right now! 3 papers and 3 midterms tomorrow... priorities schmiorities I say!


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