Monday, May 30, 2011

That one time I went to U freakin 2!

Remember how I went to U2 and it was amazing?  Well I'm finally getting around to putting some pictures up about it, so get ready for a U2 concert experience.

We took Trax up to Rice Eccles because I didn't want to have to drive and fight the crowds.  I'm thinking that was a mistake though because after the concert Trax was insane!  As we were walking up to the venue I kept saying, "Ah! We're at U2!" because I really couldn't believe that I was at U2.  I think my brother got annoyed of me saying that, because I said it alot. Oh well, I WAS AT U2!

Then Indy and I chilled because we got there an hour and a half early.  I really don't know why.  Probably beacuse I was excited to go to U2.  Our tickets got bumped up to better seats which was nice.  They weren't that much better, but it's the thought, right?

We joined Bono's One cause and got these cool bracelets.  Ok, it's just a piece of fabirc, but it's an official U2 piece of fabric.

We got bored waiting for an hour and half so we took random pictures.  Indy pictures of him holding the sun.  Pretty cool, right?

I took pictures of my shoes.

Then . . . The Fray came out!

I have seen them before when they were the headlining band, and they were amazing.  I forgot how much I like The Fray.

But then, U2 came out!  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  And they were amazing! Bono is freakin insane! Such a great performer.  They had a screen to watch them on (which was good because from where we sat they looked like ants) and they played so many great songs: Pride, Elevation, One, With or Without You, Beautiful Day, and so many more.  I was in U2 heaven.

The screen that they used was really cool.  When they were playing "City of Blinding Lights" it extended and went clear down to the stage.

Yes, that white blur could be anybody, but I swear it's Bono!

It was so amazing! I had a smile on my face the whole time, and was just in awe at the fact that I was at a concert of a band who has been around longer than I've been alive.  I sound a little obsessed, I know, but they were great.


Saturday, Ashley and I decided to have a picnic.  Luckily the weather cooperated with us and didn't rain.  We went to Cafe Fresh and got some lunch, and then headed up to a spot overlooking Utah Lake.  I always give Utah Lake a lot of crap for being nasty and having dead bodies in it, but it really has a beautiful view.

We brought books to read, but talked instead.

Played an intense game of checkers.

Good times :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

All You Need Is Love

I finished "A Wrinkle In Time" today while I was getting my oil changed.  I forgot how good of a book that is.  For those of you haven't read it, the premise of the book is Meg, her brother Charles Wallace (somebody please name their kid that and always call him by his full name) and their friend, Calvin go to Camazotz to save Meg's father.  He is being held there by IT (yes, IT) which is this big evil thing that controls this planet and takes away everybody's ability to make decisions. 

The ending of this book really got me thinking.  (Be warned, I'm about to get deep on you guys).  Meg is going back to Camazotz to save Charles Wallace, and Mrs. Which tells her that she has something that IT does not, and this thing that she has will help her save her brother.  She goes there and she tries to use her hate for IT as her power source to be strong enough to withstand, but IT feeds off the hate.  Then she remembers that before she had left to come back to Camazotz, Mrs. Which had told her that she loved her.  Meg remembers love and uses love to totally kick IT in the face (figuratively of course) and save her brother.

Earlier in the book, Meg was talking to a creature she called Aunt Beast who lived on a different planet.  She was trying to explain light, but Aunt Beast wasn't understanding it because they didn't have light on their planet the way Meg did on Earth.  Aunt Beast asked what it was used for and Meg said that they used it to see.  Then Aunt Beast said "We look not at the things which are what you would call seen, but at the things which are not seen.  For the things which are seen are temporal.  But the things which are not seen are eternal." (Deep for a children's book, right?)

How does this tie together?  Well, I'm not sure, but it got me thinking about love and hate and all those unseen forces that drive our world.  I think as humans we tend to look at things in terms of what is tangible, what can be seen right in front of us.  And if we do branch out into the unseen forces, it's usually hate or discrimination that we use, because it's easier to hate something we don't understand than to love it.  We always fight with hate and intolerance, but what if we fought with love?  Love is just as tangible as a gun, and it has more power than even the most hateful feeling.

Awhile ago, Patch Adams came to my college, and in his speech he asked why we don't teach love in school.  We spend so much time teaching students reading, math, and history, but we don't take any time to teach love.  How do you teach love?  It's not tangible like math.  You can't see it.  I can't check the back of the book to make sure the answer is right.  But does that make it less important?

I think The Beatles had it right when they said, "All you need is love."

New Current Read:  The Lightning Theif by Rick Riordan

Fill in the Blank FRIDAY oh and I was featured :)

Are you guys excited for this 3 day weekend?  I sure am.  I don't have to work Saturday, Sunday or Monday and I am pretty much in heaven at the thought of a three day weekend. I am going to sleep in and have some fun things planned.  Can't wait!

I was featured over here today.  Check it out :)

1.   If I could get away somewhere for the weekend I would go      to Disneyland because I have never been there and that sounds pretty awesome right about now and I would bring      my family because no one in my family (besides my parents) have been there either.

2.  Something I often rant about is    well it depends on the day.  Usually it's just about life and something that happened that day.  I don't know if I have a consistent subject I rant about.  Stupid drivers, maybe? Like when someone cuts you off and then slows down.  Annoying!

3.  One item I need to have in my fridge at all time is     string cheese.  When people would ask what my favorite food was, I used to say string cheese.  My mom never bought it when I was growing up, so it's like a delicacy now that I buy my own food.  Love it!

4.  My "life-saving" product is   probably my hand lotion.  I can't stand the feel of my hands being dry.

5.  A friend is someone who     knows you in and out, the good and the bad, and still sticks around.

6.  If I could write my own blank it would be       if you could relive one moment in your life which would it be?

7.  My favorite kind of art is     everykind.  I love art.  I think that photography is my favorite, but I also love graphics.  Before I decided I wanted to go into teaching I was going into Graphic Design.  I love arranging text and advertising.  If something is advertised well, I'll most likely buy it.  I love Van Gogh too.  He is one of my favorites.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

All I Really Want Is You

I am currently in love with this song. 
"Other Side of the Door" by Taylor Swift. 
She sings to my heart. 
And if I ever find a boy who throws pebbles at my window, I am going to marry him the next day.

Meet Me In The Sound

So, first things first . . .


I was a mile away (not really, but I was really far) but I didn't care because I WAS AT U2!  I'll post more pictures later.  My brother's camera is a million times better than mine so I want to get the images off his before I post anything.  But don't worry, you will feel like you were at the U2 concert too after that post.

I was looking online today and stumbled on this picture.

Isn't that great? 
If you're not familiar with Seurat's Sunday Afternoon, here ya go:

Oh, and tomorrow I am being feautred on a blog, so come back to check it out!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Birds That Lived In Our Fireplace

Awhile ago a family of birds decided that the vent that lead to our fireplace would make a nice home.  We started seeing sticks and grass where the logs were, and we would hear them chirping.  I'm thinking what happened is a mom bird laid eggs in there and some hatched.  My dad decided that they needed to go, so he climbed up a ladder and started pulling out their nest and trying to get the birds out.  One of the birds flew out in his face, (and he screamed like a girl.  It was hilarious).

The nest they built in the fireplace.

My dad got pooped on. Ha! If a giant man was ripping me out of my home, I'd probably be pooping my pants too.

Aubrey decided she wanted to keep the bird as a pet so she could take care of it and teach it to fly and she  started flapping her arms like she was flying to show us that she could teach it.

Do you feel bad for the bird in this picture?  I do, ha.  We had to keep telling her not to squeeze the poor thing.  

There were five birds total in the fireplace vent and the three babies couldn't fly.  It was weird because they were full grown, but I think because they were in the vent they never learned how.  So when we got them out the just hopped around the yard.  They went into our neighbors yard and we were trying to find them, but we couldn't.  I love that in this picture Indiana is wearing my mom's shoes and Aubrey is wearing my dad's socks with her Barbie boots.  Nobody wears their own shoes in my house.

This has nothing to do with the birds, but isn't she so stinkin cute? 

This picture also has nothing to do with the birds but I just like it because 1) Indiana is wearing a girl hat, and 2) we look like we're trying to be all tough but we really aren't.

Me and Ashley.  And those are my bangs.  This was the first day I wore them down because I wasn't sure if I liked them or not.  I think they may be growing on me.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birthday Party Cheese Cake Jelly Bean Boom!

Name that song!

If you are reading this, it means you survived the end of the world.  Congratulations!

Can you believe all the hype for that?  The guy who predicted it has got to be feeling pretty silly right about now.  What's funny is today was the best weather we have had all week.  Sunny.  Warm.  Dry.  It was great.

Me and Amberly went and got lunch after I got off of work.  We went to Chili's, because Chili's is delicious.  We heard "It's The End of the World" by R.E.M. while we were waiting for our food.  Coincidence?

And we got Chocolate Molten Cake because a) it was the end of the world, and b) even if it wasn't the end of the world, it is amazingness in the form of dessert.  Their White Chocolate one was better, but they don't have it anymore. Sad, huh?  I thought so.

I love the tile on their tables.  I always stare at it when I go there, because I have been trying to find tile like this so I can finish my table.  I bought an old table from D.I. awhile ago and painted it, and I was wanting to tile the top of it, but I could never find tiles that I liked.  I wonder if Chili's would notice if tiles were missing from the table . . . 

 Then we walked around the mall.  You should all be so proud, because I didn't buy anything.  But we did try on nerdy glasses and take pictures because we're cool like that.

Ashley and I went and saw the 4th Pirates movie.  I'll be honest, I wasn't that big of a fan.  It was really long, and dragged in some parts.  Although I did like looking at my pirate crush, Jack Sparrow.

Tomorrow I fully intend to sleep in.  My work schedule is killing me on my sleep.

Did you guess "It's The End Of The World" by R.E.M for the song in the title?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   People always tell me I look like       Christina Ricci.  And it's funny because I don't think she's that cute.  So I don't know whether to be offended or not when someone tells me I look like her.  My sister thinks I look like Katherine Heigel except I'm brunette, which I don't see at all, but I'll take it because she's gorgeous.

2.  Friends don't let friends    walk around with their fly down.  Or with food in their teeth.  Rude.

3.  A sunny day is perfect for    going on a drive with the windows rolled down and blasting your music.

4.  My favorite accessory is  I actually don't have a favorite accessory.  This is a boring answer I know, but I don't.  

5.  If I could afford it I would     travel the world.  I would go everywhere.  See everything.  It would be amaaaaazing

6.  The cure for boredom is    to not be a boring person. I don't find myself getting bored a whole lot.  Well sometimes when I'm at work, but I usually find something to keep myself entertained. 

7.  I am currently "in like" with      :) 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Concert Countdown

So last night me and Brady went and got our tickets for The Arctic Monkeys.  Yay! I'm officially going!  I'm pretty excited.  I have been listening to them all day. 


U2 is in 5 days! 

The Ticket

The Kite Runner

I finished my current read today at work, and I am really sad about it.  You know when you read a book that you don't want to stop reading? This was one of them.  It had it's fair share of action and adventure, but what I loved most was the themes of love and forgiveness and loyalty.  It made me think about things in a different way, and I love books that can do that.  There were so many moments that tugged at my heart strings and just made you really feel what these characters were feeling.  I don't want to say too much, because you should just read it (or if you are 100% against reading, there is a movie, which I'm sure isn't as good, because what movie is).  There are some mature elements and a little bit of swearing in the book, so if you do read it, be warned :)

Since I am a quote fanatic, here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

"Better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie."

"War doesn't negate decency.  It demands it, even more than in times of peace."

"Not a word passes between us, not because we have nothing to say, but because we don't have to say anything."

"A man who has no conscience, no goodness, does not suffer."

If you get a chance, I would highly recommend this book.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What I'm Listening To

I've been obsessed with these songs lately:

Was It Something I Said -- Brandon Flowers
How -- Maroon 5
Viva Las Vegas -- Elvis Presley
Elevation -- U2
The Joker -- Steve Miller Band
Help -- The Beatles
Immortal -- Evanescence
With or Without You -- U2
Bad Sun -- The Bravery
Breathe -- Taylor Swift
Don't You Wanna Stay -- Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson

Ah, so good!  You should check them out if you have a minute.

I got my hair cut today.  I got bangs. Ah! I don't know how I feel about them because I am not used to them.  I've always had bangs, but recently they had been growing out so it was pretty much like I didn't have them because they were so longs.  This time I got straight across bangs.  It's weird!  For the most part I've pulled them to the side.  I just need to get used to them, I think.

My Monday

I don't get to see my friend Kiley a lot because she lives an hour or so away, but yesterday she came down and we (Kiley, Ashley and me) got to hang out and catch up.  It was so much fun!  I love hanging out with those two, and it always brings back so many memories of Snow college and the good ole days. Kiley and I chilled at my apartment for awhile and then walked around the mall.  We met Ashley at Olive Garden and got dinner, and then came back and chilled at my apartment together.  I love the friends you can not see for awhile, but when you get together it's like no time has passed.

I love the floor in Forever 21!  I would love to have floor like that in my house! So cool.

Us at Olive Garden.  I love that Kiley's little boy is just laying on the seat :)

Don't ask what we're doing here because I have no idea.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Weekend.

I swear, time goes as slow as it possibly can during the week, and then speeds up during the weekend.  This weekend flew by!  Got my laundry and grocery shopping done. Did a puzzle with Aubrey and Indy, watched Signs in my backyard and had s'mores, but instead of using regular chocolate we used Reese's Peanut Butter cups, because I had seen it on a friends blog and it looked too delicious to not try.  And let me tell you.  It was delicious.

I went to my new ward today, and it was pretty good.  It was my first time since moving in.  And when I got home, I looked out the window and saw this:

That sign above the panda says "Help Me!"  I thought it was pretty funny.

And I just have to say, because I'm really excited and it's getting really close, I'm going to see U2 next week! Ya yeah!  Well, I guess not next week, but the next Tuesday.  I can't even tell you how excited I am for that!  They are nosebleed tickets, but who cares! I'll be at U2!  And then the Tuesday after that I am seeing the Arctic Monkeys.  It's gonna be a great music month.
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