Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Birds That Lived In Our Fireplace

Awhile ago a family of birds decided that the vent that lead to our fireplace would make a nice home.  We started seeing sticks and grass where the logs were, and we would hear them chirping.  I'm thinking what happened is a mom bird laid eggs in there and some hatched.  My dad decided that they needed to go, so he climbed up a ladder and started pulling out their nest and trying to get the birds out.  One of the birds flew out in his face, (and he screamed like a girl.  It was hilarious).

The nest they built in the fireplace.

My dad got pooped on. Ha! If a giant man was ripping me out of my home, I'd probably be pooping my pants too.

Aubrey decided she wanted to keep the bird as a pet so she could take care of it and teach it to fly and she  started flapping her arms like she was flying to show us that she could teach it.

Do you feel bad for the bird in this picture?  I do, ha.  We had to keep telling her not to squeeze the poor thing.  

There were five birds total in the fireplace vent and the three babies couldn't fly.  It was weird because they were full grown, but I think because they were in the vent they never learned how.  So when we got them out the just hopped around the yard.  They went into our neighbors yard and we were trying to find them, but we couldn't.  I love that in this picture Indiana is wearing my mom's shoes and Aubrey is wearing my dad's socks with her Barbie boots.  Nobody wears their own shoes in my house.

This has nothing to do with the birds, but isn't she so stinkin cute? 

This picture also has nothing to do with the birds but I just like it because 1) Indiana is wearing a girl hat, and 2) we look like we're trying to be all tough but we really aren't.

Me and Ashley.  And those are my bangs.  This was the first day I wore them down because I wasn't sure if I liked them or not.  I think they may be growing on me.

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  1. Oh dear, at least their free now. We have a possum in our exhaust fan its such a pain.


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