Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Movies

There have been a lot of good movies that came out this summer.  Let's just recap, shall we.

First off, The Avengers.  I know this came out back in May, but it's so good that it can't be left off from this list.  First off, amazing cast.  Second, hilarious.  Third, Thor. Fourth, Iron Man. Fifth, Thor.

This movie was better than I thought it was going to be.  I thought the imagery in the movie was beautiful and Kristen Stewart actually wasn't half bad.  (Except for when she yelled to try and motivate the troops. Gah!)

I didn't really care about seeing this movie, but it was pretty good.  I actually really liked it.  I'm still torn between deciding if I like Tobey better as Spiderman (and I think I do), but I loved Emma Stone in this.

What a cool movie this is!  If you're going to watch it, you need to make sure you are really paying attention because it's a silent movie.  I think it's so cool you can tell a whole story that makes sense while using little to no words.

Such a cute movie! It was a lot different than I expected, only because I really didn't know the plot line.  It made me want to talk in an Irish Accent though.

Want to see:

Can't tell you how excited I am to see this one!  The last two Batman's have been amazing and I can't wait to see what this one holds.

I think this movie looks so cute! Every one needs a heart felt kid movie in their life, and this will be mine.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby? Yes please.  It's a Baz Luhrmann so I'm interested to see the take he has on it because he has a very unique feel to his movies.  Regardless, Merry Christmas to me!

And last, but most certainly not least, Superman: Man of Steel.  That isn't the movie cover, but who cares, it's Superman.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Beautiful Sister

This sweet girl is leaving on a mission soon.  She is still working on turning in her papers, but she wanted some pictures that she could turn in with it.  I am so excited for her!  She used to be my sister who loved watching 101 Dalmatians and walking around naked in her Barney snow boots, and now she's all grown up.

Ah, they grow up so fast. *tear.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Those Days

I miss the days when I could wear my dad's t-shirts as dresses.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Project 365.

  • The debate of whether to cut my bangs or grow them out is over.  I cut them. 
  • Drive through the Alpine Loop with my mom and cousin.
  • Painting my nails.  Which has now all been picked off.
  • Found the coolest teacher supply store that makes me feel like I've walked into teacher heaven except for the fact I have to pay for it because in my ideal teacher heaven it would all be free.
  • Headed up to my school to set up some bulletin boards and got distracted taking pictures with the photo booth props I'm going to use with my students. Gahhh! So excited!
  • My outfit for the day.
  • Rain!! Love.

Life Last Week

This week flew by.  It seems that most weeks have a tendency to do that.  My cousin Ashley was in town from California, and it was so good to see her! I hadn't seen her in years so it was good to catch up and get to know her more.  She wanted to go to the BYU bookstore, so we headed there and then took her on the Alpine Loop.  Before we went up the canyon, we stopped at this little burger shop in Provo that I didn't even know about.  It's way old, walk up to the window to order, can only pay with cash or check kinda place and they have the best fresh strawberry shakes ever.  The only bad thing was eating that right before we drove the Alpine Loop because I got car sick.  Which never happens, but it was not fun.

The rest of this week brought some pool, raquetball, rain, grocery shopping and root beer float flavored gum which may be my new favorite.

This summer is flying by.  In less than a month I will be moving, and in a month and two days my contract as a teacher starts.  My grown up life is about to start, and I still feel like I'm ten. Craaaaaazy.  (More pictures from last week in my Project 365 post).

Monday, July 09, 2012

Last Month

  • Grocery shopping. Apparently I was on a fruit kick, which is actually pretty common.
  • At the Dollar Store with my sister Allison.
  • Berries now make me think of the Hunger Games.  I'd eat Nightlock for Peeta.
  • Free tickets to the Toby Keith concert! Woot!
  • Played the game "What If" with my roommate and her cousin.  This game has me crackin' up.  Love it!
  • Went to my roommate's soccer game.
  • Lovin' my new maxi skirt.

  • Hung out with my sisters.  I love that my best friends are my sisters.
  • Painted my nails Kook-a-Mango but it only lasted about 5 minutes before I took it off because I just can't pull off the bright pink nails.
  • Seven Peaks!
  • Amberly and I got the same fortunes.  What the freak?
  • Manti Pageant.
  • Partially set up my first bulletin board in my first classroom for my first year of teaching!
  • I did not feel good at all this day so I pretty much laid in bed, slept, and watched Prison Break.

This is apparently the week of the foods I ate.
  • Jalapeno Cheetos dipped in sour cream.  May be my new favorite "I'm craving junk food" food.
  • My roommate made P.F. Chang's Lettuce Wraps.  Sooo good. 
  • No food today! Just an amazing sunset.
  • The best shaved ice in the world.
  • (These next two pictures are switched but I'm too lazy to switch them) so this is of a Break the Fast with my ward that was on Sunday and . . .
  • This is of homemade cinnamon rolls my sister made on Saturday.

  • Picture scavenger hunt for FHE.  This is the handstand in the Provo River challenge.  Nailed it.
  • Getting ready for the Balloon Festival.
  • 4th of July :)
  • My sisters birthday!  I made the best freakin cupcakes in the world, if I do say so myself.
  • Getting ready for my roommates birthday.  We blew up a ton of balloons and put them everywhere in her room :)
  • Saw "The Amazing Spiderman" twice in one day.
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