Sunday, July 15, 2012

Life Last Week

This week flew by.  It seems that most weeks have a tendency to do that.  My cousin Ashley was in town from California, and it was so good to see her! I hadn't seen her in years so it was good to catch up and get to know her more.  She wanted to go to the BYU bookstore, so we headed there and then took her on the Alpine Loop.  Before we went up the canyon, we stopped at this little burger shop in Provo that I didn't even know about.  It's way old, walk up to the window to order, can only pay with cash or check kinda place and they have the best fresh strawberry shakes ever.  The only bad thing was eating that right before we drove the Alpine Loop because I got car sick.  Which never happens, but it was not fun.

The rest of this week brought some pool, raquetball, rain, grocery shopping and root beer float flavored gum which may be my new favorite.

This summer is flying by.  In less than a month I will be moving, and in a month and two days my contract as a teacher starts.  My grown up life is about to start, and I still feel like I'm ten. Craaaaaazy.  (More pictures from last week in my Project 365 post).

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