Monday, July 09, 2012

Last Month

  • Grocery shopping. Apparently I was on a fruit kick, which is actually pretty common.
  • At the Dollar Store with my sister Allison.
  • Berries now make me think of the Hunger Games.  I'd eat Nightlock for Peeta.
  • Free tickets to the Toby Keith concert! Woot!
  • Played the game "What If" with my roommate and her cousin.  This game has me crackin' up.  Love it!
  • Went to my roommate's soccer game.
  • Lovin' my new maxi skirt.

  • Hung out with my sisters.  I love that my best friends are my sisters.
  • Painted my nails Kook-a-Mango but it only lasted about 5 minutes before I took it off because I just can't pull off the bright pink nails.
  • Seven Peaks!
  • Amberly and I got the same fortunes.  What the freak?
  • Manti Pageant.
  • Partially set up my first bulletin board in my first classroom for my first year of teaching!
  • I did not feel good at all this day so I pretty much laid in bed, slept, and watched Prison Break.

This is apparently the week of the foods I ate.
  • Jalapeno Cheetos dipped in sour cream.  May be my new favorite "I'm craving junk food" food.
  • My roommate made P.F. Chang's Lettuce Wraps.  Sooo good. 
  • No food today! Just an amazing sunset.
  • The best shaved ice in the world.
  • (These next two pictures are switched but I'm too lazy to switch them) so this is of a Break the Fast with my ward that was on Sunday and . . .
  • This is of homemade cinnamon rolls my sister made on Saturday.

  • Picture scavenger hunt for FHE.  This is the handstand in the Provo River challenge.  Nailed it.
  • Getting ready for the Balloon Festival.
  • 4th of July :)
  • My sisters birthday!  I made the best freakin cupcakes in the world, if I do say so myself.
  • Getting ready for my roommates birthday.  We blew up a ton of balloons and put them everywhere in her room :)
  • Saw "The Amazing Spiderman" twice in one day.

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  1. Those hot air balloons are so cool! There used to be lots of those around here, but not anymore.


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