Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I consider myself a pretty big Seinfeld fan, so when I found out Jason Alexander (George Costanza) was coming to my school, I hit up that opportunity!  George is my least favorite Seinfeld character, but I still wanted to see him because, hello, he's famous and on Seinfeld.

He came to my school to help out with the theater department and they had a night open to the public.  My friend Kelsey and I decided to go, and I'm glad I did.  Jason Alexander is hilarious!  Nothing like George at all!  He talked about his life in show biz and then they did a little acting improv training thing.  He kept us laughing and it was interesting hearing about his life and how everything fell into place for him.

Afterwords I waited in line (for freakin over) to meet him and get an autograph.  Totally worth the wait because I got a season of Seinfeld signed.  Boo yeah!  And a picture of us together.  Definitely made Facebook profile picture.

Any other Seinfeld fanatics out there?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Week #9

Ok, I have a lot of goals this week.  Ok, just two.

#1:  No eating out.  I ate out so much last week, so none this week.
#2:  Get back into my eating healthy, working out routine.  The past couple weeks had been hecka busy and stressful with school and life but this week I want to get back into my routine.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Link Up

I'm linking up with Alyx today.  If you wanna join in, click on the link!

1.  I text in the bathroom.  If you are one of my friends that I text, chances are I've been in the bathroom during one of our conversations.  Some may call it gross.  I call it multi-tasking.

2.  Sometimes I write things on my TO DO lists that I am in the process of doing or I have already done so I can mark them off.  It makes me feel accomplished.

3.  I paint my nails just to pick the paint off.   Not all the time, but I have a really bad habit of biting my nails, so if I paint them, I can pick off the polish.

4.  I am a Star Wars nerd.  Like legit, can quote the shows, went and saw The Phantom Menace in 3D the weekend it came out and own all of them and have marathons nerd.

Last Week In Pictures

  • Finished Season 6 of How I Met Your Mother.
  • Visited the Spiral Jetty. So cool!
  • Ate some fruit.
  • Went to math.  Longest hour of my life.
  • Umm, just a picture I took of myself when I was "doing homework."
  • The aisle I found out I got an internship!
  • Getting my car washed.  That poor thing was so dirty!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Between The Condiments and Candy

Today while at Buy Low grocery store I received the best phone call of my life.  Well, so far.  As you know, or maybe you don't, I am in the elementary education program.  I am getting to the end of the program (finally) and we had the choice of applying for an internship or to do student teaching.  Both great.  Both with their pros and cons.  I decided I wanted to try and do an internship.  Half salary (ok, it's a teachers salary so it's not that great), benefits, 1st year teacher experience, AND I wouldn't have to move back in with my parents because I'd be making money.  Let's be honest, that's the biggest bonus right there (Love you mom and dad!)

The interviews were today.  I signed up for the 3:00 PM interview time, the last one of the day.  Which means I was pretty much freaking out all day.  We would receive a call that day if we had gotten the internship.  If not, we would get a letter in a few days.  After the interview I decided to get dinner at Cafe Rio.  This was either going to be a celebration dinner or depressing dinner, depending on the call I was hoping to receive.  I was waiting to pick up my food so I went over to the grocery store next to Cafe Rio.  I was going to get some chocolate (guys, pretty sure I'm PMSing because yesterday I ate an entire can of Pringles, and today it's the chocolate) and I was debating between the bag of Hersey nuggets or Butterfingers when I got the call.  The call letting me know that I would be teaching at Thunder Ridge Elementary next year! Ahhhhhhhh!  I probably looked a fool in the aisle because I had a freakin huge grin on my face, but I didn't care.  I was going to be a teacher!

At the beginning of the program this day looked so far away, and now it's in a matter of months.  I am excited beyond belief, but scared out of my mind at the same time.  That's the best kind of excited though.

And of course I took a picture of the aisle I was in.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dum dum dum dum (That's Supposed To Be Here Comes The Bride)

My roommate Melissa is getting hitched next month and she let me take some bridals of her.  We had fun and I discovered another location to take pictures. Double bonus!  The lighting was a pain to deal with, but I think we got some cute ones.  I need to learn more about how to get good shots in different lighting.  So, here are a butt load of pictures of my cutie-pa-tootie roommate.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Link Up!

I'm linking up with Ashley and Eryka today. Join in the fun!

Today's question: "What states you've been too and where you wanna travel next."

Been to: (I'm counting states I have driven through): Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, California, Virginia, Texas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Nebraska, West Virginia, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and I think a couple other ones that I can't remember but that I drove through.

Want to go to: All the rest of them :) 
but especially Alaska! (so so so bad) and Oregon! (so so so bad), New York, and Maine.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Spiral Jetty

I love having days off school.  Especially when I actually go out and do something.  Friday when Amberly and I were hanging out, some how the Spiral Jetty came up and we decided to go.  What is the spiral jetty you ask?  Well, it is an earthwork created by Robert Smithson in 1970.  Ever since I learned about it in my art class my freshmen year of college I have wanted to go.  It even made the kick-it list of things I wanted to do.  

Below is a picture I snagged off Google of what it looks like.  Certain times of the year it is under water because, hello, it's in a lake.  I read you could see it in October and November, but I figured since we hadn't gotten that much snow this year, we might be able to see it and walk out on it.

Monday after I got off work, Amberly, her roommate Kelsey, and I got in my Subaru (which made it there and back, no problems. Woot!) and we drove the 2 1/2 hours to get there.  It's pretty much in the middle of no where and you have to take a 16 mile dirt road that has cows on either side to get there.  My theory of being-able-to-see-the-jetty-because-it-has-barely-snowed-this-year was wrong and when we got there it was covered with water so you could barely see it.

It was still pretty cool though.  The lake looked purple, which was really cool.  I would show you in a picture, but you can't really tell in the pictures.  It was freezing too! And it was really windy which didn't help the coldness. 

    See all that white stuff?  Looks like snow, but it's foam.

All in all, definitely worth the 5 hour drive.  I want to go back in the fall when I can actually walk out on it.  Road trip?
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