Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I consider myself a pretty big Seinfeld fan, so when I found out Jason Alexander (George Costanza) was coming to my school, I hit up that opportunity!  George is my least favorite Seinfeld character, but I still wanted to see him because, hello, he's famous and on Seinfeld.

He came to my school to help out with the theater department and they had a night open to the public.  My friend Kelsey and I decided to go, and I'm glad I did.  Jason Alexander is hilarious!  Nothing like George at all!  He talked about his life in show biz and then they did a little acting improv training thing.  He kept us laughing and it was interesting hearing about his life and how everything fell into place for him.

Afterwords I waited in line (for freakin over) to meet him and get an autograph.  Totally worth the wait because I got a season of Seinfeld signed.  Boo yeah!  And a picture of us together.  Definitely made Facebook profile picture.

Any other Seinfeld fanatics out there?


  1. so cool! i'm a fellow Seinfeld fanatic! i own EVERY season :)

  2. Thats so cool! I love Seinfeld! Like seriously laugh out loud every time I watch it. Hello, Kramer is hysterical.

  3. yeahhh!! i need to actually see the signed case! so glad you got to meet him sammers :)


  4. Love this! Seinfeld rocks. I love that years later Jason Alexander looks better than George ever did. Hah!

  5. HA! I caught up (ish)! Still so jealous. Seinfeld is hilarious but I've never been one to go through and watch seasons. Maybe i should. I wonder if it's on Netflix...

  6. Seinfeld is the best show ever. EVER. EVER!!!!!!!! And did George get plugs??? Or a toupae?


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