Friday, February 24, 2012

Between The Condiments and Candy

Today while at Buy Low grocery store I received the best phone call of my life.  Well, so far.  As you know, or maybe you don't, I am in the elementary education program.  I am getting to the end of the program (finally) and we had the choice of applying for an internship or to do student teaching.  Both great.  Both with their pros and cons.  I decided I wanted to try and do an internship.  Half salary (ok, it's a teachers salary so it's not that great), benefits, 1st year teacher experience, AND I wouldn't have to move back in with my parents because I'd be making money.  Let's be honest, that's the biggest bonus right there (Love you mom and dad!)

The interviews were today.  I signed up for the 3:00 PM interview time, the last one of the day.  Which means I was pretty much freaking out all day.  We would receive a call that day if we had gotten the internship.  If not, we would get a letter in a few days.  After the interview I decided to get dinner at Cafe Rio.  This was either going to be a celebration dinner or depressing dinner, depending on the call I was hoping to receive.  I was waiting to pick up my food so I went over to the grocery store next to Cafe Rio.  I was going to get some chocolate (guys, pretty sure I'm PMSing because yesterday I ate an entire can of Pringles, and today it's the chocolate) and I was debating between the bag of Hersey nuggets or Butterfingers when I got the call.  The call letting me know that I would be teaching at Thunder Ridge Elementary next year! Ahhhhhhhh!  I probably looked a fool in the aisle because I had a freakin huge grin on my face, but I didn't care.  I was going to be a teacher!

At the beginning of the program this day looked so far away, and now it's in a matter of months.  I am excited beyond belief, but scared out of my mind at the same time.  That's the best kind of excited though.

And of course I took a picture of the aisle I was in.


  1. That's so exciting! Glad you could have a delicious celebratory dinner :)

  2. That is so great! So happy for you. And celebratory dinners are always better than depressing ones!
    I DO have hanging with friends... you should start a game with me! alyxgarner is my user name. At least I'm 99% sure it is.


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