Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Link Up!

I'm linking up with Ashley and Eryka today. Join in the fun!

Today's question: "What states you've been too and where you wanna travel next."

Been to: (I'm counting states I have driven through): Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, California, Virginia, Texas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Nebraska, West Virginia, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and I think a couple other ones that I can't remember but that I drove through.

Want to go to: All the rest of them :) 
but especially Alaska! (so so so bad) and Oregon! (so so so bad), New York, and Maine.


  1. Yay Oregon! I am a native Oregonian and have to say it's so beautiful and amazing, although the weather this week has been rainy and gray, but we're used to it here.

  2. 10 points for nebraska and kansas! Woot!!


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