Monday, May 30, 2011

That one time I went to U freakin 2!

Remember how I went to U2 and it was amazing?  Well I'm finally getting around to putting some pictures up about it, so get ready for a U2 concert experience.

We took Trax up to Rice Eccles because I didn't want to have to drive and fight the crowds.  I'm thinking that was a mistake though because after the concert Trax was insane!  As we were walking up to the venue I kept saying, "Ah! We're at U2!" because I really couldn't believe that I was at U2.  I think my brother got annoyed of me saying that, because I said it alot. Oh well, I WAS AT U2!

Then Indy and I chilled because we got there an hour and a half early.  I really don't know why.  Probably beacuse I was excited to go to U2.  Our tickets got bumped up to better seats which was nice.  They weren't that much better, but it's the thought, right?

We joined Bono's One cause and got these cool bracelets.  Ok, it's just a piece of fabirc, but it's an official U2 piece of fabric.

We got bored waiting for an hour and half so we took random pictures.  Indy pictures of him holding the sun.  Pretty cool, right?

I took pictures of my shoes.

Then . . . The Fray came out!

I have seen them before when they were the headlining band, and they were amazing.  I forgot how much I like The Fray.

But then, U2 came out!  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  And they were amazing! Bono is freakin insane! Such a great performer.  They had a screen to watch them on (which was good because from where we sat they looked like ants) and they played so many great songs: Pride, Elevation, One, With or Without You, Beautiful Day, and so many more.  I was in U2 heaven.

The screen that they used was really cool.  When they were playing "City of Blinding Lights" it extended and went clear down to the stage.

Yes, that white blur could be anybody, but I swear it's Bono!

It was so amazing! I had a smile on my face the whole time, and was just in awe at the fact that I was at a concert of a band who has been around longer than I've been alive.  I sound a little obsessed, I know, but they were great.

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