Sunday, October 16, 2011

Assistant (to the) Photographer

Saturday Ashley was doing a photo shoot and invited me to come along and assist her.  I was assistant (to the) photographer, ha!  It was a lot of fun and good practice.  The people we were taking pictures of were always looking at Ashley, but I got some pretty cute candid ones.  I also took some of Ashley while we were waiting because when you have a camera and extra time, that's what you do.

The couple that we were taking pictures of got engaged during the shoot.  That was a lot of fun, and Ashley captured some really cute moments of that.  Check out her blog.

That night, my sister, my mom, and I had a bubble gum blowing contest.  Yeah I suck at blowing bubbles.  Ashley is good though.  So is my mom.  Apparently I didn't get the bubblegum blowing gene.

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