Friday, April 06, 2012

These Past 3 Weeks.

For the past three weeks I have been doing my field experience in a 3rd grade classroom, and holy cow, has this been an eye opening experience.  I have learned a lot about what it means to actually be a teacher.  Going to school for teaching, and from an outside perspective, I never really understood all that a teacher does.  I am convinced though that if teachers got paid for all the hours they worked they would be the highest paid professions.

My cooperating teacher was out of town today (for my last day) and she let me run the class.  There was a sub in the room, but I was head honcho person for the day.  Boy am I pooped, but it was such a good day. I felt like a chicken running around with my head cut off, but it was nice to see for myself that I can actually manage 34 third graders.

So, after many long days, here's what I've learned.

#1.  There are an alarming number of 3rd graders that pick their nose in public without the slightest reservation as to who may be watching.
#2.  Converse shoes are not comfortable after 8 hours of standing on your feet.

#3.  I have to watch my water intake because the only time I can pee is at recess or lunch.
#4.  It doesn't matter how clearly you give instructions, there will always be at least 3 students who asks you what they are supposed to be doing.
#5.  I need to pretty much be prepared to feel like I am losing my mind every minute of every day (at least this is what it feels like right now).
#6.  The only time a classroom is completely quiet is when it's empty.

#7.  Going to bed at 9PM is the cool thing to do.
#8.  All the lesson plan writing I have been doing in school is pretty much for naught.
#9. 3rd graders are hilarious.  For example, they were writing stories in their class and one boy put that the man character got spanked on the butt.  We were editing his story and every time he said the word butt or I said the word butt he would start giggling.  Every single time.  Also, their writing is hilarious.  My favorite is definitely the "I feel moody everyday of my life."

And #10.  When you teach a math lesson on lines and line segments and they get all excited and start naming out a bunch of parallel and intersecting lines, it is the best feeling ever.

Ok, enough about teaching.  Happy weekend!


  1. Love it. :) HOw is your skin feeling lady?

  2. haha! sounds a lot like what goes on in second grade!


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