Tuesday, August 09, 2011

If I ever meet the person who created Toshiba, they better run and hide . . .

Excuse the threatening title post, but Toshiba is definitely on my blacklist.

So about a year ago I bought a computer.  My first computer ever and I was pretty dang excited.  I got a Toshiba and for the first little bit I was loving it.  Then, three months (maybe not even that long) after I got my computer my hard drive crashed.  It was fried, and they couldn't get anything off of it.  I got a new hard drive (luckily still under warranty) and dang Toshiba hadn't given me the restore discs for my computer which are supposed to come with it so I had to pay $25 for them to send me what I should have already had.  AND THEN they sent me the wrong discs, so I had to wait for them to send me the right discs.

I was irked.

I finally got it working again and my anger towards Toshiba was done away with because I was just happy to have a working computer again.  Then yesterday morning, I was checking my email before work and a get an error message on my screen.  I took it to Best Buy and they just called to tell me that my harddrive had crashed, yet again.

For real?  What are the odds of two harddrives crashing?  I should play the lottery or something.  Luckily it's still under warranty, (which I should be looking at as a blessing in disguise) so they are replacing the harddrive for free.  I don't know if I lost everything on my harddrive, but I'm crossing my fingers I didn't.

Other than that, today's been good :)

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  1. don't let brady read this, i can hear his words ringing loud and clear in my head "you should have bought a MAC" hahaha

    hope today i better. love ya.



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