Friday, May 06, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Courtesy of Lauren

1.   What I love most about my home is     that it's a safe haven.  I also love what Lauren said, "the people I share it with" My most favorite thing about my home is the people there.  I love my family so much.  I seriously won the family lottery.  I'm excited to have a home of my own one day that I can share when I have my own family.

2.  I'm excited because,   tomorrow is Friday!  I have to work on Saturday, but there is something about Friday that is just great.  Got some fun plans tomorrow night with some friends to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  It'll be great.

3.  My preferred method for blowing  off steam when I'm frustrated is    well, it depends. When I need to blow off steam, and I go on a run, those are usually my best runs because all the pent up anger/steam/stress helps.  And I am a firm believer in crying.  Crying really does release emotion and makes you feel so much better.

4.  Currently I am craving   nothing really.  Wow, that never happens.  I guess I'm craving some sleep. 6:45 is going to come way too fast.

5.  The thing I love most about my mom is     what an amazing example she is to me.  She works so hard to make sure her kids are provided for.  She is the most self-less person I know.  She would wear old clothes and IN-N-OUT t-shirts rather than buying herself new clothes, so that she could make sure we didn't go without.  She is loving and patient.  When I was growing up, I tried to make my own identity and didn't want to be like my mom, because when you're a teenager, you don't want that.  I realize now that if I'm even a little bit like her I'll be a good person.

6.  If I was going to write a book about my life, the title would be       "Sam in Real Life" hehe.

7.  If I were to eat one thing for the rest of eternity it would be     pasta.  MMMMM I love a good bowl of pasta.  Doesn't matter which kind.  I could live on noodles.  As long as I have different seasonings and sauces, I'd be set.


  1. good choice on the pasta!! i'm diggin' your beatles shout-outs in your sidebar!! :o)

  2. Thanks Sam for the comment on your Mom because sometimes my daughter seems to want to distance herself from me so much! You made me tear up a little with that one!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. i'm in love with your blog - will be following :o) and what would the world be without pasta!! the book/movie "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" sometimes sounds like a fantasy to me ;o)

  4. I think I won the family lottery too!


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