Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I decided that I want to start something.  All these blogs have the fun weekly things that they do, like "Fill in the Blank" or "Wee Bit Wednesday" or other cool things like that, and I want to join in the fun.  I'm going to do a "Thankful Thursday."  It's always nice to sit back and think about what you're thankful for, and I have so much to be thankful for.

Today I am thankful for my jobs.  I talk to people all the time on the phone at my work and they are telling me how they have been unemployed for awhile and haven't been able to find work.  I am so lucky to have not one, but two jobs.  Even on the days I don't really want to go, I realize that there are some people who would love to have a job, so I need to be grateful for them.  Now if only I could remember this the next time I get yelled at on the phone at work. . .

If you want to join in, please do!  I would love that!  I don't know how to do the link thing, but you can leave a comment.

Oh, and I forgot to post this picture yesterday from hiking the Y.  I thought it was so cool how there was the halo.  Aw, sunsets are beautiful, aren't they?

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