Saturday, March 26, 2011

Festival of Colors

Ok, funnest thing of my life!  There is an Indian Temple in Spanish Fork and they have a festival of colors.  So much fun! I had never been before, but you pretty much just throw chalk at people.  How great is that?

I wore my elephant earrings, which I thought were kinda fitting because when I think of India I inevitably think of elephants.


The Crowd.

They would do throwings every couple of hours, and at those times everyone countdown and then throw their chalk in the air.  This is before the throwing:

And this is after the throwing:

Amberly, covered in chalk.

The Temple. 

Just after a throwing.  There was so much chalk in the air, it was like being in a cloud.  I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be coughing up chalk for some time.  When I showered later that day, it was the most colorful shower, and my boogers were purple :)  Gross I know, but they were.

Most of family came, which was really fun. All but Briar.  I wish she could have been there too.

My madre and padre. Aren't they cute?

All in all, it was a pretty fun day.


  1. Oh my gosh, how fun. I have never heard of that before. Wyatt would love it! how much is it? did you bring your own chalk? I really want to go next year!

  2. it's free to go, but you buy your own chalk. they don't let you bring outside chalk but it's pretty cheap there, like 3 bags for $5 or something. It's way fun! Wyatt would love it!


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