Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Three Amigos.

So last week was Kiley's birthday, so last weekend Ashley, Kiley and I all got together to celebrate.

 Me and Ashley waiting for Kiley

Ashley looking for something in her bag as we waiting for Kiley.

We went to the mall and walked around because we didn't know what to do. (Side note: I got a freakin cute scarf for like $5. I was pretty excited)

Then we went to this place in Provo called Spark . . .

where we got drinks.

Non alcoholic of course.

Then we didn't know where to go again, and we were all "chicky-chicky" ing (This is where you make a fist with your thumb out and put it on your forehead and the last one to get their hand to their forehead is the one who has to decide or do whatever it is everyone doesn't want to do)

So we went to One Man Band.

  Lots of talking, laughing, and just being us.

It was a fun night :)

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  1. im smiling from ear to ear looking at these. what a fantastic time. a good time. a great time BY ALL MEANS!!! ps when you get a moe email me all those pics over! youre the bestest.



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