Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm not lying. I'm creating magic.

So for Christmas I got a Grow Your Own Mermaid in my stocking because I love the movie "The Little Mermaid." My little sister Aubrey got really, really excited and she wanted to help me grow it.

So one day we got a jar and the mermaid.  Aubrey and I put our hands around the mermaid and made our wishes.  We decided that because we were both wishing on the same mermaid that if we told each other our wishes they would still come true.  She wished for a computer, and I wished for a boy (and now whenever she talks about the mermaid she always whispers to me, "Remember, you wished for a boy" except her whispering is pretty loud, so now everyone knows I wished for a boy).  Then we plopped the mermaid in the water and got a spoon and stirred the water while saying, "Mermaid, Mermaid return to the sea, and grant the wishes we ask of thee" or something like that.

I told her that when the mermaid got big enough she would leave the jar and return to the sea, and when she did our wishes would come true.  She got all excited.  So for the next few days she would give me an update everyday about how the mermaid was still in the jar.  After a few days when the mermaid had gotten bigger, I took the mermaid out of the jar and put it in a container and gave it to my madre to hide until I could get rid of it. Only I didn't remember to get rid of it, and apparently she didn't hide it very well because a couple days later my brother comes downstairs with the container with the mermaid in it and asks, "What's this."  And of course Aubrey saw.

But I couldn't tell her that it was fake!  It's like telling a little kid there is no Santa.  You just don't do that, til their like 18 (haha ok not that old).  So I quickly made up a story about how the mermaid got lost on her way to the sea and we'd have to put her back in the jar until she got big again and then she could go.

My mom just thinks I'm digging myself in a bigger whole because I keep having to make up more lies to cover it.

But I'm not lying, I'm creating magic.

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