Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Seven Questions

This was taken in Ashley's mom's bathroom back in 2007.  Clearly, we thought we were pretty cool.

1. What do you do when you're sick? (Do you act like a baby? Tough it out? Have any weird cravings? Cry?)
It depends on what kind of sick I am.  If I have a cold I can usually tough it out on my own.  I try to get lots of sleep and drink lots of orange juice and Emergen-C.  I don't like to take medicine unless I absolutely need it.  If I'm the throw up kinda sick, I usually want my mom.  I revert back to a little kid and need my mom to take care of me, ha.

2. What do you do to find motivation when you feel you've lost it?
That's a great question.  I don't think there's one set answer, but I just try to find something new to do, or do something I love that I haven't done in awhile.  A run up the canyon is usually pretty good motivation.  It clears my head.

3. Do you wish time away or do you savor every moment?
I do both, but I think I'm more guilty of wishing it away.  I need to be better of making the best of every moment.  Sometimes I'm so worried about what's gonna happen tomorrow that I forget I still need to live today.

4. If you could be any mythological creature, what would you be, and why?
Umm, hello, a Wizard! Or a witch I guess because I'm a girl.  And I would totally go to Hogwarts.

5. What is your current biggest weakness and are you working on fixing it?
French fries.  I'm always working on fixing that one :)

6. How do you greet someone when meeting them for the first time?
I usually say, "What's your name? Hi, I'm Sam" and it includes a smile and sometimes a handshake.

7. How do you grocery shop? (Do you write up a list? Go in with no idea what you're looking for? Have meal plans? Bring your own shopping bags?)
I usually have a list of things I need but then I go in the store and see what looks good.  It's the worst when I'm hungry because I come out with all sorts of unhealthy stuff.

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  1. I wondered if witches and wizards were considered mythological creatures... I wasn't sure.
    Look at you and ashley back in the day! So great. :)

  2. girl i'm impressed you want to be a witch. hard core! ha found you via the link up and am excited to follow along xo


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