Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Confessions

I'm linking up with Alyx over at Every Day is a New Adventure.

I rarely make my bed.  It is a rare, very special occasion when my bed is made.  I figure, what's the point?  In t-minus 17ish hours, I am going to be in it again and then all my hard work of making my bed will be down the drain.

I have turned into a phone face. You know the people.  The people you see walking around with their phone in their face.  That is me.  I am constantly checking my email, Facebook, losing in Words with Friends, Instagraming, etc.

I jam out to Disney music in my car.  Like Friday night for example.  "Stand Out" from "A Goofy Movie" was blasting in my car.  I always turn it down when I come to stop lights so I look like a normal human being, but once I start driving again I crank it up and get my moves on.

I really don't like cooking.  My poor husband.  He's gonna be so skinny.  Unless he can cook.  Or likes to eat out.  Hopefully he likes to cook.

I think "That's What She Said" jokes are hilarious.  I know I probably shouldn't, and I usually feel bad for laughing at them and/or saying them but there are so many things that you can add that phrase onto.

Click on the image if you want to link up.  Happy Sunday :)


  1. I love listening to Disney Pandora. One of my favorites :)

  2. Disney music is always fabulous! and as awful as it is... I love that's what she said jokes...
    My bed is never made either.

  3. I can't remember the last time I made my bed. For real. What's the point?

  4. Lovely blog.

  5. My bed is never made...if it is something is wrong with me.


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