Sunday, January 29, 2012

Last Week In Pictures

  • Tut tut, looks like snow!
  • OMG it finally snowed!
  • I had a pair of boots that I wore all the time and the soles were pretty much gone so every time I walked in something wet, my feet were soaked.  So I had a legit reason to get new boots.  The best part, Forever Young was having a buy one get one FREE sale.  Two pairs of boots for the price of one.  Ohhh yeah!
  • I love hot baths.  One of my favorite ways to relax.
  • Getting my workout on.
  • Chinese food with Amberly.  
  • LOL, my brother! A mix between John Lennon, or a Young Ozzy.


  1. Oh, boots. How I love them! And 2 for 1?! What a steal!

  2. Love these pics, lady! I love those boots. Did you get some? :)


  3. Eryka, I sure did :) Not the ones in the picture though


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