Friday, December 30, 2011

Where is Winter?

It's a matter of hours before it's January and I have yet to see snow on the ground.  Sure it's been cold at times, but if it's going to be cold, it should at least snow.  That's the decent thing to do.  Until then, I'll enjoy the 60 degree weather we're having.  In Utah.  In December.


  1. It's like this in Norway in early December nowadays. Some years ago we had snow in October. Now we don't even know if we're lucky enough to see it in December.

    I hope you'll have a happy New Year and a snowy January 2012 :D

  2. srsly no.joke.

    my mom said that God must being playing easy on my new california-native husband. :) poor boy has yet to experience SNOW for realz!



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