Monday, December 05, 2011

My Room is Gettin' Festive

Since I can't put Christmas lights up on my apartment, I put them up around my room.  I think they're so cool, I may just leave them up all year long.  How's that for Christmas spirit?  Or is it laziness . . . ?  But, I'll have you know, I made my bed just so I could take that picture.  You're welcome.


  1. i was thinking about doing this too :) i love the look. and the "love" above your bed. i painted one too. what is yours covered in? and that frame?! do tell!

  2. the love is covered in rolled up magazine pages. my mom got it for me for christmas! i need to figure out how they did it cuz it's so cool. the frame is just strips of paper modge podged on a wood frame. i got an old national geographic book that had lots of pictures, cut the pages in strips and glued them on there with modge podge.

  3. I love these lights! Definitely festive. I'm kindof wanting to string some up around my room now!


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