Monday, November 14, 2011

The Weekend

Friday was my brothers birthday.  On Saturday, I took him to Tucanos for dinner.  Whenever I go there, I always wish I could eat more because there is so much food and not enough stomach.  I didn't even get all the way around the salad bar before my plate was full.  Mmmm, it was delicious.  Then we went and walked around the mall.  My brother wanted to hit up the music store.  He is an amazing guitar player, so he started jamming out at Best in Music.

We went to this really weird store that had swords and chainmail and a lot of other really weird, random stuff.  There was a fireplace in there and Indy stopped at it and said, "You know what this is?!" and then he pretended to throw something in it and said "Diagon Alley!" Ha ha ha ha.  He rocks.  Also, my mom found all of the Harry Potter movies at Wal*Mart for $4 each (well, all but the 2nd one) and she got them for me.  She rocks.  Harry Potter marathon, anyone?

Later that night, I had a sleepover with Aubrey.  We watched Hook, but didn't finish it because we fell asleep.  When I took her home the next day, I walked into the house to see a giant pile of paper snowflakes on the living room floor.  My family had decided they wanted to make 500 snowflakes and they were going to put them all in my sister's room before she got home from work.  I'm not sure why, haha.  That didn't end up happening because cutting snowflakes gets old pretty fast.

So here's to this week.  It's going to be a busy one.  My goal is to get all of my homework assignments done before Friday because my grandma and uncle are coming down on Saturday and I know I won't want to do anything while they're here.

Happy Monday :)


  1. sam.
    i was creeping through someone's album on facebook and in the back of one of the pictures was you and ashley. i was laughing so hard. It was this weekend at chili's and you guys were just coming in the door. it was a bunch of dancer girls with intense buns on their heads. do you remember?
    seriously, it was the greatest thing of my sunday. haha you guys are great.

  2. amy! who's album??? i want to creep! that is hilarious. and sam,.. i want to marathon it with you.



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