Sunday, November 13, 2011

And This is Why I Don't Like Driving

11/11/11 is supposed to be a magical day.  I had been looking forward to this day ever since I R.S.V.P'd on Facebook.  That night I was on my way to my friends so we could head up to a wedding reception and I was just driving in a lane when a dang car pulled into the lane I was in.  I could either slam on my breaks or go into the other lane.  I decide to go into the other lane, but then I saw a car that had been in my blind spot  so I decided to try to go back in the lane I had been in but then the other car was there and I side swiped them.

Ugggghhh.  That was not my exact thought, but I'm editing for reader consideration.  Luckily it was just my drivers side mirror that got damaged.  And the side is scratched but it's just a flesh wound.  The car that I hit was a car from a dealership that someone was test driving. Great.  I'm not looking forward to having to call my insurance and paying the citation for "improper lane travel."  Oh well, could've been worse.  Now I get to drive a ghetto car with the side mirror duct taped on.

But, I did make an epic wish at 11:11 though.


  1. Wow, that's awful! At least you're doin' all right, though!
    And just an FYI, if you (or some guy in your life) has a power drill, you can screw your mirror back onto your car and it looks a lot less ghetto than duct tape, and holds A LOT better.

  2. oh no that's teerrible! car accidents are the worst :(


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