Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Part 2

The rest of Thanksgiving brought lots of eating of delicious food and laughing.  At one point my Grandma and mom yelled for me to come downstairs, because Eek (my uncle Eric) had chopped off his finger.  I admit, I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn't real.  I should've known when my Grandma was yelling for me to bring my camera, because who does that if someone really chopped off their finger?  Sorry if this grosses anyone out!

After we ate, we sat around and talked and then watched some movies.  We watched "Limitless" (which is really good BTW) and "The Walking Dead" (which is weird that I like because it's about Zombie's but it actually is pretty good).

It's always good to have this time to sit and think about what I'm really grateful for.  It's so easy to get caught up and worry about what I don't have, and what isn't going right, that I forget what I do have and what is going right.  I have been very blessed in my life, and I'm glad I had this opportunity to remember that.

And that was Thanksgiving 2011.


  1. These pictures are so fun! And yeah, when I saw the thumbnail of the finger picture on my blogger list, I was like, EW! Who puts a picture of a chopped off finger! But then realized it wasn't real. Go me.

  2. That chopped finger photo is so awesome! Hahaha. :D


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