Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Part 1

Aww Thanksgiving.  This year was pretty great.  My grandma and my uncle came down from Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with us, and it's been great.  I was sad Briar couldn't be here with us though.  The night before we went to see a movie, "Arthur Christmas," which was actually pretty cute.  We saw it in 3D, (which in my opinion is totally overrated).

The  morning of Thanksgiving, Amberly, my sister Ashley, and I ran the Turkey Trot 5K.  I'm thinking this may be a tradition, so I don't feel so bad about eating my body weight in turkey deliciousness.

Later, we had our first, maybe annual turkey bowl.  It was pretty intense.  We divided into teams and choose names.  My team was Gryffindor.  Ya yeah!  Most of us really didn't know how to play, so it was pretty interesting.

Highlights: Aubrey running in the opposite direction she was supposed to go pretty much every time she got the ball.

Indiana jumping on my dad and hanging on his back, but my dad kept running with him on his back.

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More to come later . . .

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