Thursday, October 13, 2011

This Week

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

  • I went to the Dinosaur Museum for my science class.  I love being an Elementary Ed major.
  • I needed mail to prove that I lived in Provo to get a library card so I had my mom send me a letter and I jokingly told her she should send me money and she sent me $3 :)  love my mom.
  • We (Ashley, Indy, and I) went to the Jordan River Trail to take pictures and there were grasshoppers everywhere.  
  • I had grapefruit that day.  And it kinda looks like a smiley face.  And it made me happy.  Hence the picture.
  • I brought over some decorations from my house so now my room is cute :)
  • Did you know that apples have spots?  I did not know this.  Kinda cool.
  • So my friend had surgery on her tail bone and so everyone would ask her about her butt so someone at work made her this sticker. Ha!

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