Monday, October 03, 2011

Monday. Ugh.


That's all that needs to be said and people know the feeling.

I am determined this week will be productive.  It actually has to be because I have 1 presentation this week, 2 next week, a lesson plan due, and 2 tests.  So I either be productive or get a bad grade.  On the upside, it is getting colder outside. Yay cold weather! And I am going to Yogurtland this week with Ashley which is great because I have been craving it.  I really want to try their Pumpkin yogurt.  There is also a drive up the canyon planned for this week.  Can't wait to see the leaves! And I'm thinking about dying my hair.  I am getting so sick of it and I'm really tempted to chop it off, but I think I'll try more layers and color before I resort to scissors and inches.

Random tidbit of the day:  A couple weeks ago I got a new shirt.  And new socks.  Lovin.

Here's to this week.


  1. love the socks! and not to burst your bubble but i got pumpkin flavored froyo once and it tasted like a candle...but it could be different! haha for the sake of your tastebuds i hope it doesnt taste like a candle.

  2. i sure hope it doesn't taste like a candle! haha, that would be a let down

  3. glad i got to see you today. sorry i was so scatterbrained. needless to say it was monday haha. can't wait for our plans.


  4. Totally digging the orange and stripes. And to Mondays - double ugh. I feel ya.

  5. I love the sock they are so cute!

  6. cute socks! Oh and I know, who doesn't hate Mondays right? I was actually looking forward to Monday of this week coz it was October 3 and it was my mom's 50th birthday. I guess this was the only Monday I have ever looked forward to. Oh and yey, we are getting closer to the weekend. I hope you had a fun productive week!


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