Monday, August 22, 2011

The Boy is Back in Town

My friend Jeff moved back from Virginia and I got to see him yesterday for the first time in almost a year.  I'm so excited he's gonna be going to school here.

Me and him have a love/hate relationship.
The first thing he ever said to me when we first met in Ephraim was "Sam, why do you hate me?"
Those six words were the start of a glorious friendship.

The first thing he said to me last night was "You stink."
I had burned a quesadilla and smells attach themselves to me, so I smelt like burnt tortillas.
At least he's honest?

It was good catching up, and I'm glad he's on this side of the country, even if he tells me I stink.

Jeff will probably be mad at me because I put these up because really, there are not very good pictures, but
a) it's my blog,
b) I don't think he looks at my blog, and
c) he told me I stunk.

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  1. two words. but ill tell you them later. just ask me hahahah.



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