Sunday, August 28, 2011

Be My Thrill

On Friday I got to go to The Weepies concert with my friend Brady, and one of his friends.  It was so amazing! It was an acoustic set, and I was in Weepies heaven.  They sounded amazing live and amazing acoustic.  Pretty much just amazing in general.  It was at The State Room in Salt Lake.

While up there, I saw this cool sign.

Someone in Salt Lake loves me.  Awwww.

And we went to the coolest book store EVER.  It's called Sam Weller's (and no i don't just like it because it has my name in it)

It looks really small from the front, but it's like stepping into Mary Poppin's bag.  It's massive!   It's nice because they have new and used books, and there are 3 floors.  Full of books.  Heaven.

The State Room is a pretty cool venue.  Very intimate because it's so small, but that was perfect because it was The Weepies playing.  The only bad thing was it was freakin hot in there.  But the awesomeness of the concert counteracted the hotness of the venue, so it was alright.

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  1. I freakin LOVE Sam Weller's book store!! I love everything about it, including the little cafe area in front. (Mandy)


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