Sunday, June 05, 2011

Tandem Adventures and New Books.

Ashley and I decided to rent a tandem bike and ride it around yesterday.  It was quite the experience, and we may have almost crashed.  Multiple times.  I'm sure there were lots of people laughing at us, because we probably looked pretty comical.  And everytime we would pass a boy, Ashley would yell, "OHHH HEEEEEEEYY!"  

If you are dating someone and you want to see if they are someone you want to marry, go on a tandem bikeride.  This is a good test, I'm tellin ya.

After that we went to Malawi's where I ate an entire pizza by myself (don't judge).  I got the Pesto Artichoke Chicken Pizza. Mmmmmm.

Then we walked around Borders (oh how I love bookstores) where I found a freakin sweet deal!  They had an Art Book (hardcover, huge, colorful, history of art) for $9.99.  Did I jump on that deal?  Yes I did.  It is an art history book that includes the major pictures from each era.  So excited!  I also got "Catcher in the Rye".  I always feel bad buying new books at new bookstores because they are so dang expensive, but every once in a while they have a good deal.  Used is the way to go, my friends.

Weekends always go by way too fast.

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