Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Shortest Date of My Life

So, I normally don't write about my dating life because usually it's either non existent or messy.  I use this as my journal, and this is pretty random/funny/wierd, and when something qualifies as all three of those things at once, it clearly needs to be recorded.

In order to tell this story, you might want a little background information.  There isn't much but it adds to the story a little.

So on Monday, this guy at work came over and sat by me.  Now that I think about it, he had gradually been getting closer to where I sat over the past few days, but I had never really noticed him before.  He would do lots of weird random things. Like one time he came up to me with a deck of cards and did a magic trick.  Another time he started massaging my shoulders.  Weird.  Random.  Could be cool, but mostly weird when you don't know the person. 

So anyways, Monday, about half way through the shift he came and asked if he could sit by me.  I said yes and we were talking and he seemed like a pretty cool guy.  Looked a little young, but so do I, so I was like ok whatever.  At the end of my shift he asked what I was doing Wednesday and I said I didn't know yet (which sounds better than nothing, so it sounded like I was more busy) and he asked if I wanted to go on a date.  I said sure.  He had written down his number for me that previous Friday because he had asked my to go play rugby with them, so I told him I'd text him.

We texted a little.  Kinda a weird conversation, and then he left early on Tuesday, so I really didn't talk to him til Wednesday again.  We were sitting one person apart and he passed me a note and asked if we were still on for that night.  I said 'yes', well 'yep' and we planned a time and all that fun stuff.  After the girl that was sitting next to me left, he moved over by me and we were talking.  During this conversation he told me that there was one condition with our date that night.  I said 'Okay, what is it.'  He said, "You can't fall in love with me."  I almost laughed out loud right there.  I told him I'd try to resist.  He told me he was pretty lovable so it might be hard, but I said I'd try not to.

So 7 o'clock rolls around.  He texted me after 7 and said he had just woken up from a nap and was on his way.  He texted me when he got here and said "I'm here."  (Lame he didn't even come to the door.  Call me old fashioned, but isn't that dating 101?)  So I went down to where he was. He still to this point hadn't told me what we were doing.

We drive to his apartment, and we get out and he starts walking so I follow.  We walk to a different apartment complex across the street where he tells me we're going to play ping pong, but when we got there it was closed.  So he asks if I wanted to go on a walk.  Sure, why not.  So we walk around the block and we're talking.  And it's not weird or anything, it's just the get to know you questions and all that fun first date stuff.  One big problem though.  I find out he's only 19.  I'm 23.  That's almost illegal.

So we're walking and he says, "Ok question of the night.  Who are you into?"  Who asks that on a date? Really?  So I say no one, because it's the truth (well sort of but it's definitely not him, and I didn't want to open that can of worms), and I ask who he's into and he says "My future wife."  Then later when we were walking, he brings it up again and says something (I don't remember what exactly) but then says, "You know who I'm into?  You." and grabs my hand.  Only for a second though, thank goodness, and then he says "Haha, just kidding," and we keep walking.
We make it back to his apartment and he gets a phone call.  Aparently it's his roommate who is stranded somewhere and needs a ride.  He asks me if it's okay if we ended early so he can go get him.  I agree, and so we get in the car to take me home.  On the ride home (which was about 5 minutes) he says "So I just thought of a question that could make it really awkward, but I'm not gonna ask."  I said, "Well now I wanna know," and he then asked, "What would you say if I asked you if you wanted to be together?"  WHHHAAAAATT!??!! 

I said "I would say no."  Hello, buddy at least buy me dinner first.

He then asks me if I want him to walk me to my door, and I said it was up to him.  He said that he would then know where I live so he could stalk me (I'm pretty sure he was joking.  I might need to move though.)  He gave me a high 5 at the door and that was that.

He got me at 7:30 and I was back by 8:15.  I'm pretty sure that's the shortest date in date history.

(Dear future husband, please find me soon because only weirdo's are asking me out.  Thanks.)

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  1. even thought i heard this story in person i am hysterically laughing right now!!!!!!!
    next time he asks you out i'm going to pretend to run into you okay? :)



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