Saturday, June 11, 2011

Now I Want to Run a Marathon

My sister Alli ran her 2nd marathon today.  Crazy girl!  But so inspiring, right?  It makes me really want to run a marathon.  Just to say I did it.  I'm training (sorta) for the Halloween Half Marathon, so maybe after I check that off my bucket list I'll move up.  Maybe . . .

The funnest part of the marathon was cheering for the runners.  We met up the canyon so we could cheer her on half way, and my family had made posters.  Briar and Ashley were cheering for every single runner, and me and Aubrey joined in.  I loved seeing the runners smile for the brief moment during their run.  It was probably just because we were making fools out of ourselves, but that's alright.  We even made up cheers.  And we would point at the people and yell, "YOU'RE AWESOME!"  "AND YOU'RE AWESOME!"  "AND YOU'RE AWESOME!"  Or Ashley would say "YOU" and I would say "CAN" and then Briar would say "DO IT!" and then we would cheer like crazy.

Yes, we are those people.

On the drive down to the finish line (which took an hour to get about 10 miles) we blasted Eye of the Tiger, We Will Rock You, and We Are The Champions from my car and cheered the runners on some more. 

Here are my sisters yelling out of my car windows at the runners.

Holding the signs we made.

Here she comes! About half way done!

There she goes!

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