Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Ate A Bug Today.

So I went for a run up the canyon today.  I just have to say how much I LOVE living by the canyon and that I can go run in the canyon.  It's the perfect temperature right now, and it's so beautiful. 

I took this picutre and did no editing to it.  Isn't Utah beautiful?  I always take it for granted and want to go other places to see beautiful things, but Utah really is a beautiful state.

I ran on the trail that leads to Bridalveil falls and there are trees all along the path.  The only bad thing about having trees right along the path is that there are little spider webs hanging from them, and on the end of some of them there were these little caterpillar/worm things hanging.

Yeah, I ate one.  It was disgusting.  And the thing is you can't really see them unless you really look or if it hits you in the face, so people just saw me freakin out for no apparent reason.

But I had a reason.  Gross!  I showered and I still feel like there are little bugs crawling all over me.

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