Thursday, June 09, 2011

Fill in the Blank

1. This weekend I'm watching my sister finish her 2nd marathon and then going to Summer fest with Ashley for some fireworks.

2. My last vacation was forever ago it feels! It was when we drove to Virginia last May.  Such a long drive! But it was beautiful.

3. My next vacation will be a surprise to me.  I don't know when/what/where. 

4. My favorite way to relax is to pop in a movie and eat some delicious food cooked by someone other than myself.  And before I watcth the movie, take a nice, hot, long bath. With bubbles of course.

5. When vacationing one should always forget about everything waiting for you to do when you get home.

6. When vacationing one should never I like what Lauren said.  Count calories.  Calories don't count on vacation, right?

7. The best part about a vacation is the places you get to see, and taking a break from life.


  1. AGREE! when you are on a vacation.

    FORGET ABOUT HOME issues or things lol ... just deal with it afterwards.. itll ruin the vacation, then you'll be needing a vacation FROM YOU vacation.


  2. Calories DEFINITELY do NOT count on vacation! Haha! The hubby and I like to get french fries at least once on every road trip we take... YUM!!!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  3. yes indeed! forget the calorie count, eat up and booze up!
    vacation really is to walk away from normalcy!


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