Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gimme back that filet o fish . . . Give me that fish. Aww!

Ok, so when the McDonalds Filet O' Fish commercial came out, I might have been the annoying person who sang it all the time.  And had it as a ringtone.  And had my very own Frankie the Fish plaque that could be hung on a wall.  I don't know why, but I really liked it.  It's kinda catchy.

I hope you watched that, and I hope you are singing it for the rest of the night.

But that's not even why I'm writing this post.  I made the best fish tacos tonight.  If I do say so myself.  It was super simple too.

The ingredients are:
1.  A tomato, diced.
2. Corn tortillas
3. Cabbage (I used a bag of coleslaw mix because it's so much easier and you don't have to shred it yourself)
4. Limes
5. Fish (I just used what was on sale at the store.  I used a breaded fish, but if you want to be all healthy you can use salmon or something unbreaded.  You can use a filet or fish sticks.)

Cook the fish.  Microwave the corn tortillas so they are warm, and then put the fish in the tortilla (I used two tortillas because I saw a place do that once so I thought it was the official way to make a fish taco).  Then add the cabbage and tomatoes.  Squeeze the lime juice over it and ta da! You have a fish taco.  I added a little ranch, but when I was eating it realized that it didn't need it at all because the flavor from the lime was pretty good.  It's really pretty low calories and it's really good :)

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