Thursday, April 07, 2011

Update on Life.

Holy cow life has been busy! Crazy busy but crazy good.

I am almost done with my field experience, and I am SO SAD about it! I love the kids in the class already, and it's so fun being in there.  I'm really sad that tomorrow is the end of the three weeks.  On Monday I gave a freakin kick butt lesson! I don't mean to brag, but seriously, it was pretty good. And the kids loved it! They were responsive and really into what they were learning.  I did a power point tour of Utah.  Each student had a passport (yes, I know they didn't really need one but oh well) and they could choose which destination they went to, and fill out their passport for each destination.  They loved it! Just soaked it all in, which as a teacher, I loved.  Tomorrow is our last day in the classroom, so we're bringing root beer floats for the students.  We are pretty much the best student teachers ever.  I'm in the process of writing my summaries and I'm using Office characters for the names of the students.  The teacher's name is Mrs. Scott.  So far, as students, I have Phyllis and Kevin.  I hope whoever grades it catches on because that would be great.

I got a new job.  It's boring and easy.  But it pays the bills.  The hours work very well with school too, so that's really nice.  It's a call center (which I hate and swore I would never ever ever ever work at again, but I needed a job and it's what I could find).  It's outbound, and most of the time I just get an answering machine, but it's easy.

I got a bunch of new music, and I'm pretty much in love with it.  My music-loving friend sent me a play list and it's pretty much amazing.  It has The Strokes, Jet, Brandon Flowers, and many more.  

And the cherry on top of it all . . . I am moving out this month! Ya yeah! Can't wait.  AND my rent is only $130 a month including utilities.  Boo ya!  I am very excited about that.

Life has just been good.  I've noticed when I'm busy, I'm happier.  Not crazy busy, but it's good to keep myself moving.  I'm just soaking it in and enjoying it while I can.

Ashley posted this picture on my Facebook wall.

Isn't that great?  I'm not positive, but is that Yoko Ono on the bottom row between them?  If it is, that's kinda funny. 

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  1. I like the new layout! It's so crisp, clean and white and somehow still very you =)
    Working with kids has always been my favorite thing to do, but it is so much work for such a tiny paycheck! Congrats on finding the new job, even if it's not so much fun. My husband worked for a phone bank doing surveys when we were still "just friends" and he always had the funniest stories. He would make up new names, or take names from TV shows or movies and see how long he could play off the corresponding personality without getting caught. I used to beg him to tell me more about calling elderly people and claiming to be Preston Wentworth, Seth Bochinsky or Rod Londwood! Haha, I'm cracking myself up thinking about it!!!



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