Thursday, March 24, 2011


My friends Amy and Ashley tagged me.  I'm not really sure what it is, but I like the questions so I'm gonna play along :)

1. What is your dream job?  A photographer for National Geographic.  That would be the BEST JOB EVER!  You get to travel the world, see different places, learn about different cultures, experience different things, and take pictures of everything you see.  Can life get better than that?  I don't think so.

2. What is your favorite drink?  I'm a water girl.  When I go out to restaurants or to eat I always drink water.  If it's not water it's milk.  BUT if I do drink soda, my favorite is root beer.

3. What is your most important beauty secret?  Happy girls are pretty girls.  And if you take care of your body, it'll take care of you.  I'm not the best at it, but I'm trying.

4. If you had an all-expense paid vacation to go anywhere, where would you go? Well, this would be a really, really long vacation because I would go everywhere.  I would first off, get an R.V. and drive through all the states, and while I'm at it, since it's paid for, I'd drive through Canada and Mexico.  Then I would fly to Europe, do all the European stuff and definitely go to Italy. Then I'd go to Africa.  After that I'd hit up Australia.  So, yeah it'd be a really busy vacation.

5. If a genie popped up right now, what would your three wishes be?
1. That I would be financially set for life and never have to worry about money.
2. I'd have a happy family.
3. I'd save this one :) 

6. If you could only have one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?  This is really hard.  But probably Italian food.

7. What one talent do you wish you had? Oooo, I wish I could sing.  Or dance.  I have no coordination at all so when I dance it can be scary.  Have you seen Elaine (from Seinfeld) dance?  Yeah, that's pretty close to me. If you want to know what that looks like click here.

8. Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
The free credit report. com guy! Haha.  Don't make fun. But seriously, he is a cutie.  And good credit is golden!

Can you resist those brown eyes? I don't think so.
9. If you could look into the future, would you? You know, this is a toughy, but given the chance I think I would.  I wouldn't want to know details or anything like that, but I would want to know generals, like if I get married, when, what I would be doing 10 years from now.  Just basic stuff.

10. What made you start a blog?  Actually, it was persistent bugging from Ashley :) Ok, she wasn't bugging me, but I always said I would start a blog when I got married, but I was bored at work one day and so I decided to start one, and it wasn't until recently that I started doing it regularly.  But it's a great place for me to record what I do and put pictures I take on.  I'm not very good at keeping a journal, so this is a way for me to record my life.

I Tag:
Jules @ Chocolate and Babies 
Bonnie @ The Whim Wham Life
Andrea @ Pics-O-Andrea


  1. OMG! The free credit report guy is hilarious!!!!
    Thanks for tagging me.
    I am all over it girl!


  2. why have you never told me about this secret crush... AND i know why, its all in those curls!!!

    cute cute cute sammers.

  3. Thanks for the tag! You're great! I just got my post up

  4. haha love it! I like your bloggy :) I plan on keep reading! uhhh that sentence made since I swear

    Come read about my Lovely Little Rants ♥

  5. Oooh, I just love these little Q&A things:-) So fun reading everyone's answers. Thanks for the tag girl! I'll have to whip up some answers asap! xoxo


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