Tuesday, March 08, 2011

One Random Post

So I have a lot of things I want to blog about.  And a lot of pictures I want to put on here.  So this is going to be a really random post full of pictures and random things.

First things first, yesterday was Aubrey's birthday.  She is 6 going on 25 now.  It's amazing how much sass can be fit in that tiny little body of hers.

 This is her cake.  So dang adorable! I made it :) LOL, just kidding! I wish I could make something that cute.

Secondly, my family has a new pet.  When most people get new pets they get a cat or a dog, or a fish, maybe a bird.  But when my family gets a new pet we get a lamb.  Yes that's right, a lamb.  My sister works at a farm so she always brings home random animals.  It's actually kind of fun.

The last lamb we got was when I was living in Logan so I never met her, but they named her Mint Jelly because you eat mint jelly with lamb.  Rude, huh!  The lamb we have now, her name is Belle.  It's a lot nicer then Mint Jelly.  My mom wanted to name her Chopper, like lamb chops, but thankfully that was vetoed.

Yes, that is a diaper on the lamb :)

It was so hard to get a picture because she wouldn't keep still!

After Aubrey's party me and my sister got bored and decided to draw faces on balloons.

Look, it's Megamind!  (If you haven't seen that movie, you really should because it's hilarious!)

These are just a couple of pictures that I took yesterday that I really liked.

So, yeah.  How was that for the most random post ever?

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  1. i love your family. they are the coolest! i must come visit BELLE.
    oh and take some pictures of me please. umm okay? when my camera gets fixed were doing MY shoot hahah.. and if you're lucky i'll take some of you too :)



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