Friday, March 04, 2011

Fill in the Blank March 4, 2011

1.   The phrase or punctuation I overuse most is  probably the word dang.  It  can fit into just about any conversation.  For example someone could tell you "I'm having a really bad day" and you reply "Dang, I'm sorry" or someone could say, "Listen to this song, it rocks" and you say "Dang yeah it does" or you can simply just say dang.  Seriously, it's a pretty universal word.

2.  Today I am thankful for  the fact that the weekend is here.  I have been having the worst hair week ever, and I had two (sorta three) presentations this week, and I put on a dress today for a presentation and realized it had a huge stain on it after I was gone.  So yeah, I'm excited for the weekend.

3.  My best friend is   my sisters and Ashley and Amberly.

4.  A quirky thing about me is     i hi-lite things to do in my planner according to order of importance.  Pink means "Do today" Orange is "Need to do soon, like this week" Blue and Yellow are just "This is coming up, you'll have to do it soon." Yeah I'm super organized (hahaha, not)

5.  This weekend I     have no idea what I'll be doing.  Sleeping for sure.  Cleaning.  Laundry.  And hopefully something exciting :)

6.  Something that worries me is       doing my field for school in a couple weeks.  I'll actually be going into a classroom of real live 4th grade students and teaching them.  Ahhh!

7.  On my night stand you would find       a lamp, a quote tile thingy, a little bird statue, 3 books: (A Year with C.S. Lewis, Stand A Little Taller, and another quote book by Sheri Dew but I can't remember the name) my water bottle, and my cell phone.


  1. dearest sky diving samantha:
    i will forever remember that about you.
    the cohort has brought us together.
    check out my bliggity blog
    i told you i would comment and i never did.
    now i'm just rambling.
    but i think you are just great.

  2. congrats! you will do awesome in your field! you will have to tell me about it. so exciting.

  3. HAHA I love the word Dang also.

    Found your blog from Fill in the blank Friday.
    So cute!!
    I'm your newest follower.


  4. hi baby girl! i tagged you in handwriting game :)



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