Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Am Number 4

So, I have been so crazy busy with school that I don't even blog at work because I do homework.  Wow.  That is sad.

But I finished my current read of "I Am Number Four" which was pretty good.  Very easy to read and good story.  It's a series, so the only bad part is I have no idea what happens now and it's killing me! AHH!  But if you need an entertaining, fast paced read, then I would suggest this.  It's not my normal type of book, because it has to do with aliens from a different planet, and it's a little more sci-fi then I read, but it was good.  If you really don't want to read it, don't you worry, they made it into a movie that comes out in February.

Click HERE to find out my current read.

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