Friday, December 17, 2010

Boys are weird

So last night I'm on Facebook and a guy I went to school with a few years ago started chatting me.  This is our conversation:

Him: I love you
Me:  haha aw thanks :)
Him: Do you love me
Me: sure
Him: Good
Me: lol
Him: Want to date Please
Me: haha do you even really remember who i am
Him: Yeah your Samantha
Me: haha yeah what else
Him: You hot and sexy
Me: haha where do you know me from
Him: School
Me: yup
Him: So you want To make it official
Me: hahaha what if i'm dating someone
Him:Your profile says single
Me: maybe i just haven't changed it
Him: Doubt it So babe I'm in love with you
Me: haha you're funny
Him: Please
Me: please what?
Him: Let's date
Me: you're gonna take me on a date?
Him: No let's be boyfriend girlfriend
Me: i'm not being your girlfriend if you don't take me on a date
Me: because
Him: Okay I'm breaking up With you
Me: we were never together you can't break up with me
Him: I just did
Me: that hurts my heart
Him: You already have a bf night

Boys are weird.

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  1. who was that...that is weird, i agree, boys are weird.


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