Monday, November 22, 2010

Sands Family Quote of the Day

Ok, it was said yesterday, but still. I should start something where I just put down quotes my family says, because we're pretty freakin funny. Maybe we're only funny to ourselves. Hmmmm. That's probably the case.

So here's the quote:

We're sitting in the foyer at church and we hear the doors opening from the outside. We had probably been doing something weird or something like that:

Sam: "Everyone act normal."
Ashley"Pretend you're dead!"

Hahahahahahah, i'm laughing just reading this. But you do kinda have to know our family to think this is funny. Everytime Aubrey comes into the room, we'll all act like we're dead. Ok, not everytime, but sometimes, and she'll do it to, so it's just a funny family thing.

Ah, my family. They're the best.

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  1. ha! I think that is hilarious...Wyatt looked at me like I was crazy because I laughed so hard.


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