Thursday, August 27, 2009


so school has started. i have mixed feelings about it, ha. i love school tho, i'm just not a fan of all the homework that comes with it. this semester is pretty much about getting some depth classes out of the way so i'm taking family finance, intro to political research (which turns out to pretty much be a stats class and trying to define terms that really can't be defined. confusing), american art, and photography. I am really excited about my photography class. the teacher is amazing. like national geographic good. i'm really excited to learn from him and do the projects. i'm hoping this semeseter isn't too bad. i'm going to have to work really hard because i found out my scholarship is on probation, so i have to be really careful with my grades. i'm working 30 right now, but i'm trying to work a few things out to go down to 25. or maybe keep it at 30 and buy a computer, which would be awesome! so hopefully that'll work out.

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  1. You can do it love bug! keep doin what you're doing and everything will work out, you are simply amazing!!!!!! I can't wait to come visit again. I love you to the belltower...and bACK! xoxo


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