Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mind Vomit

Sometimes you just have to have one of these.

Life has been crazy!  I started my field experience last Monday and holy cow am I scared for teaching next year.  I am in a 3rd grade classroom, and will be teaching at the same school next semester.  The teacher has been awesome and has been letting me teach a ton.  This is both good and bad.  Good because I could use all the experience I can get.  Bad because it is really stressful and I'm having to plan lessons (in math, eek!) on top of all the other stuff I have to do for my field experience.  I know it will all help me next year, and it is really opening my eyes as to what I'll be doing soon.  I just have to get through the next few weeks and then I will be done with my classes.  Woot!

This experience has made me realize how much work it is to be a teacher.  I am seriously wondering to myself, "What the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks am I getting myself into?"  I'm thinking you have to be certifiably insane to want to go into the education field.  From the outside it looks like daisies and cotton candy, all fun and happy and stress free.  WRONG!  It's the exact opposite.  I know once I teach for awhile I'll get the hang of it, and it'll become easier, but until then I am freaking out a little.

Teaching does have it's rewarding/funny moments. Like the boy in my class who always give the "Live Long and Prosper" sign whenever he raises his hand.  Or the notes from the students telling me I'm pretty and they love me and have good "stile" (style).

These are the little things that keep me going.  That and Diet Coke.

So peeps, go thank one of your teachers.  They worked hard for you.

Next on my mind vomit list: Am I the only person who hasn't seen The Hunger Games yet?!  I want to see it sooooooooo so so so soooo bad!  I was busy this weekend and didn't have a chance to go see it (seriously, where are my priotities!?)  I am going to see it this weekend, but I have to wait all the way until Saturday. . .  Until then, here are some images to get me through.

Also, I have been thinking, they need to make a diet chocolate.  Like diet soda.  There is a soda with zero calories (I know, I know, still just as bad for you), so they should have a chocolate with zero calories. So that way when I eat half a bag of some sort of chocolatey goodness, I won't feel so bad.  While they're at it, they should just invent a chocolate that burns calories while you eat it.  I don't think we should rule this out as a possibility.  I don't care what science says.  I hope to live in a day where I can consume a bag of chocolate and get thinner at the same time.

Last thing, Gotye's album "Making Mirrors" is pretty bomb.  I have currently been obsessed with "I Feel Better."  When you listen to it and you can't help but, well, feel better.

Listen to it.

Ok, that's all.


  1. I love everything about your mind vomit.

  2. From one teacher to another: It may seem overwhelming to begin with, but just take planning one day at a time. Besides most of your lessons will stretch over two or more days depending on how much time you have. I know mine always did because I always over planned and then didn't have enough time.

  3. that note just made my heart melt. you are going to be so amazing miss sands. they love you already :)
    also, when did you start drinking diet coke??? what the! where have i been??

    oh, and thanks for being you. you rock. did you know?


  4. oh gosh!!! all of these pictures of the hunger games makes me want to go see it again. oh peeta, what would i do without you?!
    xo TJ

  5. it is so much work. and it's SO worth it. and like anything, it does get easier.


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