Sunday, March 25, 2012

In Pictures

  • The Moon
  • Five Guys with Ashley.  Best burgers.  And Fries.
  • Aubrey's 7th birthday!
  • Tried JDawgs for the first time.  Freakin good hotdog.
  • Flew To Arizona!
  • Family bonding time over DrawSomething, ha! I love that everyone has their phone out in this picture.
  • Palm trees! A true sign of warm weather.

  • Mmmm, Mexican Food at Tia Rosa's.  
  • Uncle Marks dog, Jake.
  • Phoenix Art Museum with my cousin, Joel.
  • Grandma and Grant.
  • Waiting at the airport to fly home.
  • Working on my IRI.  Papers were everywhere!
  • Sugar cookies Ashley's mom made.

  • My body picks the worst possible times to get sick.
  • Flower from a Get Well package I got :)
  • My favorite snack/meal/way to eat veggies.  Asparagus and carrots broiled with a little olive oil and seasonings.  So good!
  • Notes from 3rd graders.  Definitely the best thing about going into Elementary Education.  You can never feel bad about yourself because all the students tell you you're pretty and have good "stile"
  • Bonfire!
  • She's missing both teeth now!  I tease her she won't be able to eat anymore.

Phew, I think I'm all caught up!


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