Monday, February 20, 2012

The Last TWO Weeks In Pictures

I totally spaced all my pictures last week.  I take them all daily but then I forget to email them to myself or to upload them and then two weeks have passed and I can't 100% remember which day is which.  So I'm pretty sure these are the correct days, but if not, it's close enough.

  • I scraped my hand doing laundry and now I have a nasty looking scar on my hand.  I wasn't even doing anything exciting to get it.  Lame.
  • Ice Skating at FHE
  • Dinner at Rumbi Grill.  I'm a sucker for their rice bowls.
  • The stairs in the library.  It always gives me the heebie-jeebies looking down those.
  • Nightly ritual.
  • The Vow! 
  • This is what happens when you are really bored and really hyper.  Mustaches!
  • Snow! I get excited every time I see it's snowing because it hasn't happened that much this winter.
  • For FHE we did a photo scavenger hunt.  Obviously I didn't take this picture but someone else has the camera that I took a picture on so I couldn't get that picture.  But, I love this picture.  Look at the faces of the two people below me. They are like "We want to die because Sam is on top of us so hurry and take the picture," and I'm all "Yeah, look at me, I'm on top of the pyramid!" haha
  • Valentines Day.
  • Popcorn has been a common snack as of late.
  • My fortune.  I'm gonna win the freakin lottery! Whaaaaaat!!
  • Went and saw "This Means War". Hilarious!
  • Bro/Sis Date.

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